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Never mind the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims domestic and abroad who wake up every morning dreaming of how they can attack the US. The Transportation Safety Administration nominee Erroll Southers is looking at “Christian identity oriented” people instead….whatever that means. The US is so screwed for the next three years.  KGS

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  1. The whole statement is just meaningless gobbledygook.

    The phrase Christian identity oriented doesn't even make sense.

    Each of the persons cited would have a psychiatric disorder and/or personality disorder.

    Absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.

  2. The "Christian Identity" movement is one of the most violent white supremacist terrorist groups in the United States. Virtually all white supremacist groups (KKK, neo-nazis etc.) subscribe to the "Christian Identity" religion to the extent they're religious.

    In fact, when CNN did it's "Gd's Warriors" series on Christianity, I thought it was a sham that they focused on American Evangelicals who support Israel. If they were really interested in violent Christians in America, they would have focused on the Christian Identity movement. This is one fine example of why you don't know who they are. Here CNN had an example to expose a violent Christian group in America and instead, they dumped on pro-Israel, philo-Semitic Evangelical Christians instead. That's the LIB media in action for ya!

    For more information on the "Christian Identity" movement, go to the ADL or SWC web sites.

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