At Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences,
their ‘right’ to wear a bag tumps students’ rights to stay alive

The proper response to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences ridicuous decision to throw the safety of its students before the feet of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, is to mount a campaign targeting the institutions and private donors who help fund the college. Any college that places the supposed sensibilities of women wanting to wear anti-male body bags above legitimate concerns for students’ safety, is not a learning institution worth placing your hard earned cash.
Not only is the body bag an insult to males, it’s also an insult to women as well, with men being treated as debased animals and the women depicted as a sinful devious creatures. Besides, the full body bag has no foundational support in Islamic texts, though one can see how it was developed due to Islamic influences, that treat women as half as a man and as chattle. KGS

Massachusetts: College Bows to CAIR and Un-bans Islamic Face Veils

Well, that did not take long did it? Just two days ago, I posted the ‘Massachusetts College Bans Face Coverings, Muslims Outraged” story. Yesterday CAIR went into action and filed a complaint, and today the college has cowardly sided with Islam over their security concerns. Now anyone who wants to do something illegal there, can just hide under a burqa or Islamic face veil. Because there is no shot that the school will ask a person to remove it, to see who is underneath. Great move guys….

Massachusetts college alters policy banning face coverings

(CNN) — A Massachusetts college has modified a controversial security policy after criticism it infringed on the religious rights of students, a school official said Friday.
The policy originally banned any head covering that obscured the student’s face while engaged in student activities.
The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences e-mailed students about the initial changes this week, saying, “Any head covering that obscures a student’s face may not be worn, either on campus or at clinical sites, except when required for medical reasons.”
School officials said the policy was intended to ensure that all students would be identifiable “for reasons of safety and security.”
But on Thursday, the policy was changed to include an exception “for medical and/or religious reasons.”
Read it all here

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