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The Last Nail in Europe’s Coffin

Because of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership between the European Union and Islamic states in the Middle East, by the year 2050, the Islamic population of Europe will be 25% to 30% of the total population. There will be perhaps over 100 million Muslims in Europe.
Partnership? More like a suicide pact. Fifty million laborers with families. The effects on European civilization, and on Europe’s relationship with the United States, are all too easy to imagine. And the U.S.-Muslim engagement document, the blueprint for the Obama administration’s relationship with Muslim countries, parallels these plans. It contains the same “cross-culturalization” plans that are discussed and recommended in the Euro-Med partnership. In other words, it’s a charter for our dhimmitude, our subservience to Islamic law.
It’s all parsed out in a series of “Association Agreements,” which delineate the concrete terms of the new relationships between the E.U. and the Islamic countries involved in the Euro-Med Partnership. One Euro-Med webpage explains that there are “certain common aspects” to all these agreements, including “political dialogue, respect for human rights and democracy, establishment of WTO-compatible free trade over a transitional period of up to 12 years, provisions relating to intellectual property, services, public procurement, competition rules, state aids and monopolies, economic cooperation,” and most significantly, “cooperation relating to social affairs and migration and cultural cooperation.”
Take a look, for example, at the Association Agreement with Egypt. The links in the online version significantly have all been suspended, and they are routed to a new site for the European Union that offers no information. They are hiding everything having to do with this. But surprisingly, one Euro-Med page is still up, and it explains that the agreement with Egypt will involve the “training of persons working in the cultural field” and the promotion of “cultural cooperation of a commercial nature, production, investment and marketing, training and exchange of information.”
“Cultural cooperation”: That’s where the rubber meets the road on immigration and related issues. It means Europe will conform to Islamic norms and not attempt to challenge them. And one main arena of this cultural cooperation was formally launched on June 9, 2008 in Slovenia: a new Euro-Med University. Based in Piran on the Adriatic coast, the university invites established European universities to become partner institutions — in Britain, the Universities of Westminister, Cambridge, and Bristol have shown interest in such a partnership.
This cross-culturization among universities and colleges will lead to education and history being filtered through an Islamic prism, which in turn will lead to institutional fascism and historical revisionism. If you go to the EMUNI (Euro-Med University) site, it gives you a clear indication of what they are up to. Front and center is the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC)’s Alliance of Civilizations.
The great historian Bat Ye’or said the following of the Alliance of Civilizations in a speech given at the Counter Jihad conference in Brussels in 2007: “The Alliance of Civilizations, created to oppose the clash of civilizations, that is jihad, has also added pressure. On 13 November 2006, the High-Level Group of the Alliance of Civilizations presented its report, which sums up the request of the OIC at its Mecca Summit in 2005, after the Cartoons affair. First, it adopts the Islamic view of history and politics by claiming that everything was fine between the three monotheistic religions until the 19th century, when the evil of European colonialism and Zionism destroyed this harmony.”
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