He doesn’t mention Islam but it isn’t far from his thoughts, as a matter of fact, it’s exactly what he referring to but doesn’t dare say it out loud. Islam is changing Europe, and if nothing is done to change the flow of mass immigration, then Europe will be one day counted as being part of the house of Islam. Europe has chucked out its Christianity, and has nothing in place to counter Islam. KGS
‘Reflections on the Revolution in Europe’ by Christopher Caldwell Caldwell ” Muslims are a small minority, but Europe is changing its structures because of them: “When an insecure, malleable, relativistic culture meets a culture that is anchored, confident and strengthened by common doctrines, it is generally the former that changes to suit the latter.”
‘What I think we must call for is an understanding on the part of those who come into our country that they are coming into one which values parliamentary democracy, which is built upon our Christian heritage,’ he said. ‘They have got to understand our commitment to the English language and espouse it, and they must understand our history.’
‘I worry about my grandchildren. I want this country to carry on being one that values the Christian heritage, but most of all values the democratic standards and all that this country has fought over.’
A former Archbishop of Canterbury today revealed he fears for his grandchildren, as he said new immigrants coming to Britain should have an understanding of the country’s Christian heritage.
Lord Carey is part of an alliance of leading public figures demanding immigration to be urgently curbed to stop the population hitting 70million and causing ‘serious harm’ to society.
The cross-party group wants manifesto commitments from Labour and the Conservatives to cut net migration to fewer than 40,000 a year – compared to the current rate of 163,000.

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