Ian Lustick holds up what ails him

Professor Steven Plaut from Haifa University, has been writing a series at Front Page Magazine on academics that are waging a war of propaganda against the Jewish state of Israel. These collaborators with Islamofascism have been trying to demonize Israel in and outside the academy for some time now, the Tundra Tabloids confronted one of these collaborators last year, when pseudo scholar and rabid anti-Israel demonizer, Avi Shlaim, came to Helsinki. KGS

 Collaborators in the War against the Jews: Ian Lustick

[…] In one of those Orwellian ironies, Lustick actually once headed the Association for Israel Studies in the United States. He has never spent much time in Israel, although he claims that nation’s history and politics as a specialty. He is a defender of Israel’s own anti-Israel “New Historians,” who use historic revisionism to promote the agenda of Israel’s enemies. Lustick has spoken favorably of the so-called “One-State Solution” in which Israel will cease to exist altogether. (Cynics refer to it as the Rwanda Solution.) Lustick took part in the anti-Israel York University conference last year devoted to discovering an alternative to Israel’s continuing existence.
Lustick is almost as anti-American as he is anti-Israel. He may be best known for his expressions of regret that America did not lose more soldiers in the campaign to topple the Taliban in Afghanistan. Denying that terrorism is a valid concept, he deconstructs the term by claiming that activities can be classified as “terrorist” if they encompass any violent “actions and threats” by governmental militaries and even tax collectors, as well as insurgents.”

Read it all.

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