Blobfsh Mohamed Productions


This was another episode in the Vlad Tepes’ Blobfish Mohamed series, in which the Tundra Tabloids had a wonderful time in helping out with the photoshopping of Mo. KGS

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  1. You do realise that this does nothing but damage the credibility of MEMRI, don't you? I know it isn't their translation but a spoof, but it will lead people to disregard valid and accurate translations as if they too were spoofs. Good job joining in to attack one of the best media monitoring resources on the web.

  2. Mr.Gerson, everyone who views that spoof will take *it* for what it is.

    It's not an attack on MEMRI, but on the insanity of the person speaking and what he represents. Making fun of fools is useful. I wouldn't read anymore into it than that. KGS

  3. Mr. Gerson:
    On the first video I did, I in fact made it as clear as possible that this was not a MEMRI translation and was a spoof. I am fairly confident than anyone watching, will figure that MEMRI does not use the loony tunes ending, and even more so, the Loony Tunes ending with Blobfish Mohamed. It is my considered opinion that anyone stupid enough to not know this is a spoof, is probably already a Muslim. One can tell because they try and correct the translation, as if it was a mistake.
    Even so your point is well taken. Certainly we would not want to undermine the excellent and very important work of MEMRI. But ridicule and diminishment of the pomposity and bloviation of these Islamic promoters of hate is also crucial. Removing their status as meaningful or powerful seeming has been a potent part of the political arsenal since Magna Carta allowed for political dissent.
    Please keep critiquing and I do sort of agree. However the real sin is whether or not they are funny.

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