Islamic terrorism Malmö Sweden


Suspected bomb in Malmo

GOOGLE TRANS: MALMÖ. Security Police blew up a suspected bomb factory in Malmö New Year’s Eve night. Two men were included. The bomb was reportedly used for an attack in Kastrup.
Raid was made before midnight on Wednesday. The police had received tips about men making a bomb in an apartment at Forge Kullgatan in Malmo. Security Police Security Police made the first raid on the address. There were two stateless Palestinian men in the apartment at the time, both in their 20-30s. One was known to police and were related to the apartment.
– We participated in the matter, but I can not tell you why. Since we rarely talk about what we do, “says Patrick Peter, security police press secretary.
The two men who were in the apartment are not suspects.

UPDATE: Reinhard states: “They applied for asylum when the police entered the apartment (!). They will presumably be indicted following a preliminary investigation, that’s how the Swedish justice system works.”

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