The only “arts” they’re being trained in
is for the spreading of the jihad
Example: A gaggle of Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB)
bomb makers busted by police in Oct,09

Here’s an excellent report by way of Gaia, that shows some in the media not only getting it, they’re even daring to say it out loud, that the ideology behind the jihad (traditional Islam) is indeed a Fascist ideology. The only place where the article gets it wrong, is the steadfast false assumption that Fascism is “Right-wing”, when clearly the Left-wing owns that totalitarian ideology lock, stock and barrel.
But first, have a look at the following video courtesy of Kitman TV, via Vlad Tepes blog. The recent Detroit Ball Bomber had help from his fellow cronies that were released from Gitmo in 2007, to the care of the Saudis, who put them through their rigorous “art-school” for former jihadists. Highly ironic that both “art schools” are still turning out violent true believers in the cult of Mo, isn’t it? KGS

According to police sources, 25 British-born Muslims are currently in Yemen being trained in the art of bombing planes .”

Detroit terror attack: A murderous ideology tolerated for too long

Friday’s attempt to blow up a transatlantic airliner by a British-educated Islamist was foiled by the bravery of its passengers and crew. We cannot assume that we will be lucky next time. And the indications are that there will be a next time. According to police sources, 25 British-born Muslims are currently in Yemen being trained in the art of bombing planes. But most of these terrorists did not acquire their crazed beliefs in the Islamic world: they were indoctrinated in Britain. Indeed, thousands of young British Muslims support the use of violence to further the Islamist cause – and this despite millions of pounds poured by the Government into projects designed to prevent Islamic extremism.
Is it time for a fundamental rethink of Britain’s attitude towards domestic Islamism? Consider this analogy. Suppose that, in several London universities, Right-wing student societies were allowed to invite neo-Nazi speakers to address teenagers. Meanwhile, churches in poor white neighbourhoods handed over their pulpits to Jew-hating admirers of Adolf Hitler, called for the execution of homosexuals, preached the intellectual inferiority of women, and blessed the murder of civilians. What would the Government do? It would bring the full might of the criminal law against activists indoctrinating young Britons with an inhuman Nazi ideology – and the authorities that let them. Any public servants complicit in this evil would be hounded from their jobs.
Jihadist Islamism is also a murderous ideology, comparable to Nazism in many respects. The British public realises this; so do the intelligence services. Yet because it arises out of a worldwide religion – most of whose followers are peaceful – politicians and the public sector shrink from treating its ideologues as criminal supporters of violence. Instead, the Government throws vast sums of money at the Muslim community in order to ensure that what is effectively a civil war between extremists and moderates is won by the latter. This policy – supported by all the main political parties – does not seem to be working. The authorities, lacking specialist knowledge, sometimes turn for advice to “moderate” Muslims who have extreme sympathies; supporters of al-Qaeda are paid to disseminate their ideology to young people.
Radical Islamist leaders are not stupid: they know how to play this system. The indoctrination of students carries on under the noses of public servants who are terrified of being labelled Islamophobic or racist. Therefore they fail to do their duty, which is to protect Muslims and non-Muslims alike from a terrorist ideology. If providing that protection requires fewer “consultations” with “community leaders” and more arrests, then so be it.

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