Danish Free Press Society lars Hedegaard


And to think that I represent
the hope of moderate Islam in europe

Lars Hedegaard did not say anything “racist”, he was speaking of the seperation of itself (Islam) from the rest of non-Muslim society, and that women are not treated as equals, that they are treated in a lesser way than the rest of humanity. The two Muslim “members” of the DFPS are just being themselves, Islamic, there is only one Islam. KGS

H/T ISlam in Europe

Sheik Yer’Mami: “The Muslim happens to be on the same Free Press Society board as Lars Hedegaard. He would like to see that the FPS becomes just a little less free and a little bit more politically correct. He is just doing his Islamic duty. Islam, however, is not a race but a violent political ideology in the guise of religion….”

Not so moderate Syrian-Danish Muslim Nasr Khadr

Danish Muslim: “Hedegaard is not accepting the basic premise that one should make a distinction between Islam and Islamism.”
Søren Pind (Liberal Party) and Naser Khader (Conservative Party), announced that they’re quitting the Free Press Society’s advisory board.
“Lars Hedegaard’s regret isn’t good enough, since he’s still not accepting the basic premise that one should make a distinction between Islam and Islamism. Islam is a religious, while the latter is a dangerous ideology we should fight,” says Naser Khader. Khader adds that he also saw that Hedegaard’s original statement were supported by DPP members, which shows that the Free Press Society is a branch of the DPP.
In his announcement Søren Pind pointed out that he’s never actually been a member of the Free Press Society, but only served on its advisory board. (DA, DA)

Link: Hedegaard- Trier 031

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