Ok, we took down the Iranian flag…..

There is more to this story than meets the eye. Iraq has just awarded seven oil fields to major world contractors making the risk of losing the disputed Fakka oil field that much greater, as foreign oil companies begin to set up shop in areas Iraq and Iran have border disputes over. The Fakka oil field presently produces 10 000 barrels a day, which the new oil contractor (whoever that may be) hopes to increase in the near future. Iran is rattling its saber. KGS
NOTE: This is one more reason for the world to deny Iran nuclear weapon capability. An Iran with a nuclear weapon does not only present itself as an exestential threat to Israel, but also a threat to the people in the region, including the Iranians themseleves. Once Iran is allowed to “join the club”, count on even more oppression against the Iranian people, and armed conflict across the borders as the Iranian regime thumbs its nose at the world.

Iran troops have made partial withdrawal: Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iranian troops have withdrawn partially from a disputed oil well claimed by both Tehran and Baghdad, the Iraqi government spokesman said on Sunday. Ali al-Dabbagh said a small group of Iranian troops who had taken over an oil well in a remote region along the two countries’ border last week were no longer in control of the well, which Iraq considers part of its Fakka oilfield.

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