Mr.Lennart Eriksson:
My former bosses are forced  to remember
that Sweden is supposed to be a democracy

The Tundra Tabloids has earlier reported on the Lennart Eriksson case in depth and in detail. Now once again, Ilya Meyer has an excellent report, and full of good news, about Swedish courts rulling that demands the Swedish Board of Immigration to reinstate Mr.Eriksson to his original job and with compensation. Ilya Meyer tells the TT:

The Swedish Board of Migration’s failed attempt to dictate what thoughts its employees are allowed to have in the privacy of their own homes has now cost the Swedish state enormous sums of money in legal and other fees, and at the same time further tarnished the somewhat tattered reputation of Sweden abroad.
Lennart Eriksson had been demoted because he was regarded as ”unorthodox” for voting Conservative (the Swedish government is a Conservative-led coalition) and for stating that he believes Israel is a democracy. Mr Eriksson has now got his job back, with due compensation, and the Board of Migration has had its knuckles severely rapped by the judiciary. The anti-Israel adventure by the Board of Migration has been an enormous financial burden on the already hard-hit Swedish economy.

The Swedish Board of Migration backs down

In a landmark victory for democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and sound common sense, the Swedish Board of Migration has turned tail and decided to reinstate sacked employee Mr Lennart Eriksson.
This after a senior officer at the Board of Migration, Mr Eugène Palmér, launched his own state-financed anti-Israel campaign abusing his position of power as Mr Eriksson’s employer. The failed campaign has cost the already hard-hit Swedish taxpayer enormous sums of money in compensation and legal costs.

Read it all here.

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