Climategate Copenhagen


These series of videos from the event bear watching, yes, even in spite of the length. The Tundra Tabloids suggests for those in a hurry, for starters, skip past Danish MP, Morten Messerschmidt’s opening address and view the 2nd.
The lecture by Prof.Roger A Pielke, from Colorado University, Boulder, explains that the effects humans have in land reclamation and areosols in the atmoshpere far outweigh the effects CO2 might have on the environment. In short, local climate scenarios are being wrongfully used by the IPCC to explain a “global climate phenomenon”, and that aerosols still in the atmosphere influence weather patterns 60x more than that of CO2.

AND LORD MONCKTON! He talks of Climate-Gate in all of its GORE.

Geologist Leighton Steward: More CO2 equals more robust plant life, and levels of CO2 in the atmosphere follows tempature changes, not the other way around.

H/T Henrik Raeder Clausen

NOTE: The discussion panel includes the following:

Prof.Roger A Pielke
Prof.Ole Humlum
Prof.Henrik Svensmark
Prof.Bjarne Andresen
Senior Scientist Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen
Prof.Fred Singer
Lord Monckton
Geologist Leighton Steward

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  1. The "global warming" and CO2 debate is so bogus it's mind-boggling. Leighton Steward may be right about it's benefits. We know that plants breath CO2 so his basic premise seems reasonable to even the most casual observer.

    While the attention of the entire world (free and otherwise; not to mention that of the Tundra Tabloids) is distracted by CO2, conventional pollutants are neglected. Right now, as we speak, the Asian Carp is on the verge of destroying the whole eco-system of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes represent the largest inland fresh water system in the world. The United States government's response this week was to come up with a measly $13 Million to combat this ecological threat.

    But wait! There's more! The Asian Carp species are all native to mainland China. In other words, had President Carter not established diplomatic relations with Red China, we wouldn't have this problem at all.

    Every time I turn around, I see the policies of the extreme leftwing tearing our world down. There's no common sense to these policies and I've grown tired of elaborating all the reasons the global warming movement is based on nefarious intent.

    Even if global warming is true, nobody can explain how transferring massive amounts of money from here to there will solve the problem. As such, even if the worst fears are true (They're not!) our best policy is to cope with it. Moreover, like Leighton Steward says, there are some distinct benefits having more CO2 in our atmosphere.

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