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Dr.David Bukay:
Israel is like any other Western country,
we have our fair share of Leftist Fascists as well
Regardless of where the university sits, those Jews who parrot the party line, of how evil the West and above all, Zionism is, are the Jews considered the “good Jews” and worth the time to listen to. Any other Jew who rejects their narrative, is immediately sidelined and casr in the “nasty outer darkness” with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, especially the gnashing of teeth.
So it is with orientalist professor, David Bukay, of Middle East Studies at the University of Haifa. The man is badly maligned as a dreaded “wacist” for words supposedly said during a lecture at the Haifa University four years ago, which resulted in charges being filed against him that were later dismissed, only to find himself once again facing the same situation. This time around, the state Deputy Prosecutor wants the professor to sign a written confession and apologize, or face prosecution.
The Tundra Tabloids includes an email in this post, after the Maariv article, sent to me by the ICLA. It explains the situation in full, as well as expressing outage over the incident and including fax numbers, telephone numbers and email addresses to those in the Israeli government, who are in a position to stop this nonsense once and for all. These kinds of agendas need to be fought tooth and nail wherever they pop up, including in Israel. KGS

Maariv: “An exceptional step in asking the orientalist, Dr. David Bukay, of Haifa University, to express regret for past statements of the Arabs condeming them, and sign a declaration and promise to make no such statements henceforth in his classroom- or be prosecuted. All this despite the investigation file that was opened against him about four years ago, on grounds of incitement, was closed without guilt.”
Now here is the email that the Tundra Tabloids received:

I would like to ask you to take a few moments from your Hannuka week to strike a blow against Leftist Fascism and against anti-democratic Thought Control in Israel. Your help is needed to defend academic freedom from the assault by the McCarthyist Left. I would like to ask you to take a few moments to demand the immediate dismissal of Israel’s worst politicized Inquisitor, Israel’s leftist thought policeman and enemy of democracy, Mr. Shai Nitzan, operating as the Deputy Prosecutor in the Ministry of Justice.
Nitzan, who has a track record of partisan political decision making as the Deputy director of Israel’s Prosecution Office, must be immediately dismissed because of his campaign of persecution and harassment against Dr. David Bukay, for the crime of incorrect thinking and speaking.
Let me explain. Dr. David Bukay is a lecturer in Middle East Studies at the University of Haifa with expertise in Arab history. He has conservative points of view and is very outspoken about them. About five years ago Bukay was the victim of a smear campaign of demonization at the University of Haifa. At the time, an Arab student who was active in the university branch of the communist party sat in on one of Bukay’s lectures without being registered in the class. The student then ran to the Arab press in Israel and claimed that in his lecture Bukay had repeatedly made racist derogatory comments about Arabs. After running the story there, it was also reported in the Hebrew press and web. From there, anti-Semitic web sites, including some run by Neo-Nazis, spread the story all over the internet.
None of the other students in the classroom had heard Bukay make any such remarks and many of these went public and claimed that the Arab communist student had fabricated the story. Hundreds of Bukay’s students backed Bukay in the case. Many wrote the Haifa University chiefs to give their side of the story. In any case, because of the uproar, the Rector at the University of Haifa, himself no Right-winger (he was a founder of Peace Now), appointed a committee of investigation to look into the charges against Bukay. They found that the charges were lies.
Then for about five years the story was nearly forgotten. Until last week.
What changed? Last week, the leftist Deputy Director of the Israel Prosecutor’s Office, Shai Nitzan, ordered Dr. Bukay to come into his office as part of an investigation into incorrect thinking and speaking by Dr. Bukay in his classroom. The story is reported in full in detail (in Hebrew only, alas) in the weekend issue of Maariv, and can be read here: http://www.nrg.co.il/online/1/ART1/977/492.html
The Deputy Prosecutor played the role of a medieval Inquisitor. He was acting supposedly on the basis of a “criminal complaint” that was filed against Bukay with the Prosecution recently by the misnamed “Committee against Racism.” That committee is a front group for the pro-terror Israeli communist party, a party of anti-Semitic racists that has never quite gotten around to repudiating Stalin. The Stalinists claimed Bukay had made insensitive anti-Arab statements in class. Bukay denies that he did. That charge, coming from communists, was enough for Nitzan to summon Bukay for interrogation.
In a scene looking like something in the dungeons of the KGB in the days of Stalin, Bukay was ordered to the offices of Nitzan. He was told that he must sign a confession that he had made anti-Arab statements in the classroom. He was ordered by Nitzan to sign an apology for those statements, under threat of being prosecuted by Nitzan for “incitement” and “racism” if he does not do so. He was ordered to commit in writing and promise to make no such statements henceforth in his classroom. Nitzan evidently believes that leftwing lawyers should be able to dictate the content of university lectures.
Bukay refused to sign.
Maariv this weekend not only runs the story of the KGB-like interrogation of Bukay in the dungeons of the Ministry of Justice, but also runs a long commentary on the affair composed by Maariv Deputy Editor Ben-Dror Yemini. Interrogating and prosecuting lecturers for what they say in the classroom is without precedent in Israel or any democracy, notes Yemini. He then reminds readers that Israel is crawling with far-leftist anti-Israel and anti-Semitic members of Israel’s Academic Fifth Column, who routinely use the classroom to support terrorism against Jews, to call for Israel’s annihilation, to denounce Israel as a Nazi-like apartheid regime, and to urge law breaking. Not a single one of these has ever been interrogated, let along prosecuted. Yet here we have the spectacle of a naked political persecution of someone accused of having made politically incorrect statements in his classroom, a claim incidentally he denies, accused by a governmental enemy of freedom of speech.
Now as it turns out, even if Bukay HAD made the anti-Arab statements in the classroom that he was falsely accused of having made, they still should have been speech as protected as are outbursts that are made in scores of Israeli university classrooms every day by Israel’s tenured traitors. To take just a handful of examples from the same University of Haifa itself in which Bukay teaches, among the statements that did NOT ever trigger any investigation by the Prosecutor’s office have been these:
The declaration by University of Haifa theater professor Avraham Oz that Israeli soldiers Nazis and “Little Eichmanns”; the distribution via the “ALEF” chat list run by the same Oz on the University of Haifa computer of the names, addresses and photos of Israeli army officers with the heading “war criminals,” as a thinly disguised call to murder them or harass them; a denunciation of Israel for committing “genocide” distributed by University of Haifa psychology professor Ramsey Suleiman; calls by numerous University of Haifa faculty members for a worldwide boycott of Israel; calls by many of those same people for students to refuse to serve in the army; and countless other anti-Israel pronouncements and statements by leftist University of Haifa faculty members.
And the University of Haifa is a relatively tame place when compared to the legions of tenured treason to be found at Ben Gurion University and at Tel Aviv University.
The persecution of Bukay comes amidst growing evidence of prosecutorial partisanship in Israel. In the very days when the Prosecution is planning to indict Jewish “settlers” for illegal construction and to order the demolition of what those Jews have built, orders are being issued from the very same offices NOT to prosecute Arabs for illegal construction nor to demolish any illegal Arab buildings.
The Israel state prosecutor himself, Menachem Mazuz, is leading the campaign to prosecute soldiers who refuse to obey orders when ordered to evict Jewish “settlers” from their homes. Yet the state prosecutor before him, Michael ben Yair, on February 12, 2002, issued a statement backing the campaign of “conscientious objectors” from the Left who organized massive insurrection and mutiny among soldiers. (His statement is reproduced in the “Israel Sheli” magazine this week.)
Israel has a long history of selective protection for freedom of speech. Numerous Israeli Jewish Right-wingers have been indicted and prosecuted for “racism,” for “sedition,” and for “incitement.” Fanatic Jewish leftists and Arab radicals never have been. The courts have repeatedly endorsed anti-speech prosecution and litigation directed against non-Leftists, while protecting and defending the most outrageous hate speech of far-leftist traitors. In one infamous court case, an Israeli sitting judge ruled that leftist sedition is protected speech while criticism of leftist sedition is libel.
Israel needs your help. Israel needs to get Shai Nitzan dismissed. Please write a short letter about the above outrage and demand Nitzan’s immediate dismissal. You should send it to the Minister of Justice, with copies to other Israeli leaders. A fax is more effective than an email.
Fax the Minister at the Ministry of Justice 972-2-6285438
Email (not for certain anyone reads it, so fax is better): sar@justice.gov.il
Copy to the Director General of the Ministry of Justice: Fax 972-2-6287757
And whose email is mancal@justice.gov.il
And to the Spokesman for the Ministry of Justice: Fax 972-2-6466722
You can copy your letter to the Prime Minister’s office via this fax (972-2- 5664838) or this web address: http://www.pmo.gov.il/PMOEng/Public+Applications/PublicApplications/
or this email address: PMO.HEB@it.pmo.gov.il

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  1. Looks like the Israeli left is taking its cue from the Orwellian "human rights" commissions in Canada. What a disgrace.

  2. You're right. The parallels between the two are strikingly similar if not the same.

    It's fear that drives the thinking that designs these kinds of laws and regulations.

    They have to be confronted and defeated if we desire to live in a fear-free society

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