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Our nightmare continues

The Islamic ummah will continue to have its problems as long as Mohamed its prophet is allowed to be the standard bearer for all that is good for the Muslim. The sooner they divest themselves from his destructive nonsense, the better their societies will become. KGS
NOTE: The Ulama are islamic spiritual leaders like imams, mullahs, etc

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Ulama urged to practise polygamy

KOTA BARU: In another remark that is set to spark controversy, Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said he encouraged ulama to practise polygamy because they are model polygamous husbands.

The 76-year-old Pas spiritual leader said they would set good examples on what a true polygamous marriage was all about in Islam.
This, he said, would also clear the misunderstanding among certain people about polygamous marriages.
“The image of polygamy as a way for men to make use of women should be cleaned up. Ulama can play an important role in clearing this image.
“In Kelantan, the people like polygamous marriages. Normally, when a man likes a beautiful woman, he will take her as his second wife,” Nik Aziz said after launching the 20th anniversary of ulama leadership in the state at the Kelantan Trade Centre here.
“But after they have children, he will divorce the woman. This is the bad image that I meant which should be cleaned up.”
Nik Aziz said ulama should practise polygamy as they could demonstrate to the community what real polygamous marriages entailed.
He said it was the ulama’s duty to correct misunderstanding and help create better understanding among Muslims.
“The clean image must be highlighted to the world, especially in the era of information and communication technology, so that Islamic practices can be emulated by all communities.”

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