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Not even a baby could be spared
Women as cattle
More shame on the ideology that refuses to be ashamed of itself. A pregnant woman is outed for maintaining an adulterous relationship, and ends up having herself and her near term child, brutally stabbed to death by her brother. This is just run-of-the-mill honor murdering scenarios in Islamic communities. KGS

By Rana Husseini

AMMAN – The Criminal Court prosecutor on Saturday charged a 36-year-old man with the premeditated murder of his younger married sister the previous day in the latest so-called honour murder in the Kingdom, according to official sources.
The 34-year-old victim, who was nine months pregnant, received seven fatal stab wounds to different parts of her body, allegedly inflicted by her brother, one senior official source told The Jordan Times.
The suspect then headed to the nearest police station, handed the knife he allegedly used in the incident to the officer on duty and claimed “family honour as his motive”, the source added.
The victim would often leave her husband’s house and he “once caught her committing adultery with another man”, the source said, citing the suspect’s initial testimony to the police.
“Her husband sent her back to her family’s home two weeks before the incident and she left the house for an unknown destination,” the source explained.
The suspect came to know of his sister’s whereabouts a day before the incident, the source said, adding that he monitored her movements and approached her while “she was walking in a small alley in the neighbourhood”.
He stabbed her to death and then headed to the nearest police station, the source noted.
A postmortem examination conducted by pathologist Ali Shotar from the North National Institute of Forensic Medicine indicated the woman died of internal bleeding as a result of multiple stab wounds to her stomach, chest and back.
Shotar established that the victim was nine months pregnant with a boy, with the foetus also receiving stab wounds, according to the source.
The mother of three children, aged between three and eight years, was the 21st victim of a so-called honour crime this year in the Kingdom. She is the second woman to be killed for reasons related to family honour this month.
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