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The Tundra Tabloids of course applauds the former terrorist, Dr. Hamid Tawfik, for his correct observations on Israel and its positive contribution to the world at large. There’s no doubt that he believes what he says, and that he is entirely against Islamic fundamentalist violent jihad.

There is however, a problem with folks like Dr.Hamid. While his reformist views on Islam might appeal to the wearied West tired of Islamic inspired violence, and take them as being a beacon of hope for what might be, nonetheless the TT believes his reformist views as being nothing more than a chimera.
How could Dr.Hamid’s Islam produce over the 1400 years of its existence, generations of an entirely intolerant, violent jihadists who merely insist on picking up where their prophet Mohamed left off, if there wasn’t fundamentally wrong with Islam itself? Yes, he states that he’s a reformer, but to what extent? What are the odds that his attempt at reiventing the Koran and Hadiths will ultimately fail? The Tundra Tabloids believe that the odds are greater than one would care to admit.
Reforming Islam cannot be campared to the reformation of the Catholic Church or Judaism, since the amount of offending passages in the Koran, Hadiths and the Sura are great, no one can honestly say that they will be removed, even if the amount was miniscule. They are believed to be the very words of thier diety and cannot be altered or removed. It’s why Islamic tradtionalists, those who practice the basic fundamentals of Islam, have much going for them, because what they say about the Jews, Christians and other non-believers has strong backing in their holy texts.
Yes they can point to the earlier texts in the Koran that were written during the time Mohamed lived in Mecca, which were then abrogated by the texts written during his campaign in Medina, where his true views of the Jews came out in full force. His open ended calls for the subjugation of the infidel until the world bows before Allah, are taken seriously, and no major authority in Islamic jurisprudence states anything to the contrary. In light of that, and while the TT wishes Dr.Hamid all the good will and success in his mission, It will prove to be an effort in futility.
Stating the obvious does not make the TT an enemy of Dr.Hamid and of those who are desperately trying to cling to their highly flawed doctrine and change it for the better, but it nonetheless has to be said, that it’s a mugs game and destined for failure. The more non-Muslim like a Muslim becomes, the better he or she fits into a Western style democracy. The more they are in touch with their inner Mohamed, the more anti-social they become. So one must wonder why, save for cultural identity’s sake, why they continue in the ideology at all? KGS

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  1. KGS: In your view, is Dr. Hamid a "modernist"?

  2. «the earlier texts in the Koran that were written during the time Mohamed lived in Medina, which were then abrogated by the texts written during his campaign in Mecca»

    Isn't it the other way around?

    Best greetings from Portugal,

  3. you're right Luis, I'll correct that glaring mistake I missed. Thanks. KGS

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