aftonbladet Blood libels Iran


This is the legacy of the Aftenposten

The Iranians are reverting to old habits in the latest anti-Semitic blood-libel rant at PRESS TV, the Iranian mouthpiece pseudo news organization that disseminates the worst anti-Semitic canards available. Remember folks, the Secretary-General of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu told the Tundra Tabloids face to face last year that, “…you cannot speak about any Muslim, good or bad, as anti-Semitic, this is a theory, this is not the case.”
The TT refuses to link to the anti-Semitic rant, but all one has to do to get to the story, is to google the title. The person making this crap up, and the person(s) making the decision to run this racist-anti-Semitic nonsense, must be real degenerates, and true believers in the cult of Mo. A real sick perversion of reality. They do themselves no favor by running this crap, because it reveals their true nature, they’re just too stupid to see that. KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

Ukrainian kids, new victims of Israeli ‘organ theft’

“An international Israeli conspiracy to kidnap children and harvest their organs is gathering momentum as another shocking story divulges Tel Aviv’s plot to import Ukrainian children and harvest their organs.”

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