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The freedom to be foolish
does not vindicate the effort

False argument:
Church spires = minarets

Leaders of ethnic/religious/minority organizations, by default, and by their own free will, are forced to wear many hats in their leadership roles. These leaders are constrained by their positions, and lacking the freedom to express their real views on many given issues, they are more prone to voice the path to least resistence.
The Tundra Tabloids is not condoning such behavior, but just stating the obvious. There is also the dark reminder for many Jews in Europe of how prior generations of Jews fared during the 30’s and 40′ in National Socialist Germany and elsewhere, during Hitlers mad reign on the continent, which saw the anti-Semitic Nuremburg laws culminating in the mass murder of over 6 million Jews.
That, more than anything else, explains the “knee-jerk” reaction by many international Jewish groups’ foolish reaction in condemning the Swiss ban on the Islamic political symbol of the minaret. While Jewish and Christian symbols are widely (and correctly) understood as religious symbols, unless otherwise used in a negative way in demonstrations, Islamic symbols have always been seen, and interpreted to mean, a political show of prominence and prestige.
Minarets in the modern age have no practical use, and while they may have some architectural significance, they are nothing more than a means to present political Islam’s presence in the area. Just ask any non-Muslim who lives an Islamic state, like say a Christian priest who knows that a church must never be on a level higher than a mosque.
The West is trying to play by rules of tolerance with Muslims who are being funded by Saudis and other Muslim states elsewhere who know nothing about tolerance inside their own states. This situation in which some Jewish and Christian groups are rallying behind Islam, and its right to full acceptability and equality with other religions in the West, (though everyone knows fully well that all seats of Islamic authority are anti-liberal and highly anti-tolerant of non-Muslim faiths) is as farcical and foolhardy as it gets. KGS
NOTE: This is not the first time signs of dhimmitude have been widely seen in Europe and abroad, the publishing of the dreaded toons of Mohamed brought the very same groups forward to express both their condmenation and utter stupidity/lack of foresight on the issuse.

[Imam Taj Hargey: Only when Muslim immigrants and converts in Europe reject the twisted ideology of a fundamentalist male clergy will the chief causes of anti-Muslim prejudice in Europe recede.]

Jewish groups back Muslims on minaret ban

Citing religious discrimination, a diverse coalition of Jewish organizations is objecting to Switzerland’s ban of minarets on local mosques.
Swiss voters this week approved by a strong majority a referendum outlawing the construction of minarets. The measure, pushed by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP), was supported by 57 percent of the population.
However, Jewish organizations, realizing that a crackdown on Islam could have repercussions for Jews as well, have come to the defense of Muslim worshipers, arguing that the Swiss’s move was unjustifiable.
Rabbi Pinchas Dunner, executive director of the Conference of European Rabbis, an Orthodox organization, said “a war on religious freedom cannot defeat Islamic extremists. The best weapon against radical Islam is support for moderate elements in the Muslim community and promoting interfaith dialogue.”
In contrast, the Anti-Defamation League tied the move to religious discrimination against Jews.
“This is not the first time a Swiss popular vote has been used to promote religious intolerance,” said the ADL in a press release. “A century ago, a Swiss referendum banned Jewish ritual slaughter, in an attempt to drive out its Jewish population.”
Hegumen Filaret (Bulekov), a Moscow Patriarchate representative at the Council of Europe, voiced support for Switzerland’s ban.
“Accusing Switzerland that it is somehow discriminating against the Islamic minority would be at least lopsided,” Filaret told Interfax new service.
“The issue of minarets is not an issue of religious freedom, but it is an issue of political presence of people of a certain faith and ethnic background in a country. Taking into account a rapid rate of Islamization, visible signs of Muslims’ presence would have, in particular, a political tint,” he said.

2 Responses

  1. The imam Taj Hargey writes

    Only when Muslim immigrants and converts in Europe reject the twisted ideology of a fundamentalist male clergy will the chief causes of anti-Muslim prejudice in Europe recede.

    That is the single, most important piece of understanding, which cannot be underlined too heavily! It's wonderful that one Muslim notes and says it loud instead of Christian priests. Thanks a lot for bringing that article up. I got very inspired by it.

  2. I agree with you Kumitonttu, that it is indeed an important fundamental truth.

    But the fly in the ointment is that any such departure from such an interpretation that Hargey suggests, can be immediately relegated to the realm of opastacy.

    The resistence to such radical thinking as Imam Taj Hargey is much stronger than what one might think.

    Harjey wants to take European Muslims back to a period where they were more non-Muslim like, and that suits the TT fine. But with the influx of Saudi and Persian Gulf influence, the original back-to-basics Islam has a real strong upper hand.

    Fighting that means fighting Saudi petrol dollars and right nowm the momemtum is flowing their way.

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