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This comes by way of Atlas Shrugs and My Pet Jawa. US law enforcement must be involved in this story, they have to know this situation is happening. I hope. KGS
New Jamaat al-Fuqra/Muslims of America domestic terror training videos to be released. Earlier this week Ryan Mauro reported on two Jamaat al-Fuqra/Muslims of America domestic terror training videos set to be released by the Christian Action Network. These videos supplement the excellent reporting by CAN in their full-length documentary released last year, “Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the US” (which make excellent stocking stuffers, btw).
In a press release announcing the pending release of the videos, CAN describes their contents:
Christina Action Network (CAN) received this video, along with recordings of gunfire coming from a Muslims of America compound in York, South Carolina. This shocking 20-minute video reveals female members marching in military cadence, scaling fabricated walls, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, firing upon mock enemy locations, and other forms of training involving firearms and swords. The video was given to Christian Action Network by a confidential source.
The videos were identified to be taken at the Jamaat al-Fuqra/Muslims of America headquarters in Hancock, New York. The date on the video is incomplete, but it appears that it was filmed in the past few years. I’ve seen the videos and have been under an embargo:

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  1. Just a little reminder: "US law enforcement must be involved.." Experience is teaching us daily that US law enforcement is highly selective and is affected from the chain of command from the CIC on down.

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