Lets be clear here. In no way, shape or form, does the Swiss ban on the building of a minaret compare to the foul policies of the Islamic Egyptian state, that refuse Christians -who once were the majority in Egypt until Islamization took its toll- the right to build, refurbish or even maintain Christian churches.
The bleeding hearts wil cry foul and insist that such a ban is against “human rights” (which is a load of hooey) but hardly speak a word about the real discrimination against minority groups within Muslim lands. The Middle East has seen a continual migration of indiginous Christian peoples from Muslim lands, but yet no visible campaign has ever been mounted on their behalf. The World Council of Churches are a bunch of immoral stooges who choose the path of non-confrontation which suits the Arab/Muslim world just fine.
The moral of this story is, tolerance (read = appeasement) in the face of intolerance only breeds contempt,  and yet even more demands by the Islamic intolerant upon the West. Smacking the Islamic world upside the head with this ban on minarets, sends the right message. If you’re not willing to play by the rules of tolerance that the West plays by, then we’ll play by yours. It would even be just to say that, until Mecca and Medina are open to the non-Muslim, no Muslim should be allowed in the holy cities of Jerusalem or Rome. KGS
CAIRO — As Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa lashed out at Switzerland voters’ decision to ban minaret construction in the European country on Monday, Christians in the Arab country have voiced their concern of what they are calling the “hypocrisy” of Egyptian society. They question whether Egypt, which has been forceful in its refusal to allow the construction of churches in recent years, is in a position to criticize the Swiss move.
“We received this initiative in sorrow and it is considered as a humiliation for the Muslim community in and out of Switzerland,” Gomaa said in comments published by daily newspaper Al-Akhbar.
The Mufti expressed his concerns about the decision which he said would deepen Muslims’ feeling of discrimination and is an insult to the faith.
“This proposal…is not considered just an attack on freedom of beliefs, but also an attempt to insult the feelings of the Muslim community in and outside Switzerland,” Gomaa added.
But, for Christians in Egypt, they are demanding honesty as critics asunder argument upon argument against the Swiss move, which was not supported by business circles, the government or religious leaders.
“I was shocked to hear of what happened in Switzerland, but to be honest, I find it even more strange that Muslim leaders are saying what they are saying when almost the exact same thing happens in Egypt,” said Maged Idris, a local pharmacist in Cairo. “They should not be so quick to judge that’s all.”
57 percent of Swiss voters supported the referendum to ban Islamic minarets in the country. The direct democracy referendum inspired by the right-wing movement in the country, with opposition being led by the German-speaking portion of the country. There was sense that in the cities, especially Geneva, home to the United Nations offices, voters rejected the ban by nearly 60 percent.
NOTE:The Rubbish People of Cairo: Unreported World exposes a dark side to Egypt that the authorities don’t want foreigners to see: a secretive society of around 40,000 people literally living in rubbish in a Cairo ghetto overrun by rats and disease. This is the story of the reality that is Egypt.

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