Leftist Scottish Trade Union Congress show their stupidity, in their ridiculous attempt to persuade Scottish football supporters to inject Pali politics into an international football match. It’s the same nonsense one saw in Malmö Sweden earlier this year, when the Davis Cup was being held in the southern Swedish city. The Muslims were so much in a lather about the Jews coming to town to play some tennis, that the match had to be played behind closed doors. Kudos to the Scottish Celtic football team to urge its supporters to ignore the racist call. KGS

Scottish fans urged to wave Palestinian flags at match

Glasgow, 2 Dec. (AKI) – A Scottish trade union asked fans of the Celtic Football Club to wave Palestinian flags during Wednesday’s match with the Israeli football team Hapoel Tel Aviv in the city of Glasgow. British media said that the Scottish Trade Union Congress had asked Celtic supporters to “show solidarity with suffering Palestinians” at the Europa League game.
Celtic – whose fans often wave Irish flags because of their historic ties with Ireland and the Roman Catholic community – urged their supporters to ignore the call.
In a statement, Celtic said it was “extremely concerned” at the request, saying its stadium was “no place for a public demonstration”.
“Against this background, the club is extremely concerned to learn of a call to hold demonstrations surrounding the Celtic vs Hapoel Tel-Aviv UEFA Europa League fixture.
“Our primary concern is that event safety may be compromised by the diversion of police and those involved in public safety duties, away from their main task which is the well-being of all fans attending the match,” said a statement in the Celtic’s website.
“No matter the rights and wrongs of any cause, a crowded football match is not the place for a public demonstration.”

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