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Anti-Semite in chief
The OIC is the biggest Islamic supremacist organzation in the world, whose sole purpose is to cement into international agreements, special rights that will keep Islam free from criticism, while deftly claiming to support the right for all religions to be free from defamation. The proof of the sincerity of the OIC’s motives is the lack of any pressure on any of its member states to improve the lot of the dwindling religious minorities in their countries.
There is no call by the OIC for the freedom for churches to be built in its member states, in order to meet the needs of its Christians, nor any punitive measures whatsoever against those states that refuse to comply. There is no call by the OIC to challenge its member states to refrain from inciteful rhetoric about non-Muslims in their mosque services, as well as through official government channels, which happens to disseminate some of the more foul notions about Jews.
The sole intention of the OIC is to promote Islam at the expense of everyone else, and to carve out for Islam a special niche in every society that will keep it free from being criticized and allow it to progress unchanged and unchallenged. It’s a major project started some years ago, and the fruits can be seen throughout the UN, where each major organ had been corrupted by its influences, save the UN Security Council.
The OIC pretends to care for human rights and for peace and cooperation between the religions, but don’t be fooled, it’s an Islamic organization, which means the promotion of Islam at every turn and bend, and the rest be damned, all the while they speak sweet notions of brotherhood and unity between the peoples of the world, while they subjugate non-Muslims back home. KGS

The Secretary General of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu voiced his disappointment and concern with the result of the public referendum which took place in Switzerland yesterday, 29th November 2009, on the initiative to ban building of minarets in the mosques in Switzerland.
The Secretary General qualified the ban as an unfortunate development that would tarnish the image of Switzerland as a country upholding respect for diversity, freedom of religion and human rights and also as a recent example of growing anti-Islamic incitements in Europe by the extremist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, racist, scare-mongering ultra-right politicians who reign over common sense, wisdom and universal values.
He recalled that the UN Commitee on Human Rights had clearly pronounced its concern on the ban as a disciminatory practice that violated fundamental human rights including the freedom of religion.
Secretary General Ihsanoglu expressed his deep regret that at a time when the Muslim world and Muslim societies around the world have been engaged in a struggle to fight extremism, the western societies are being hostage to extremists who exploit Islam as a scapegoat and a springboard to develop their own political agenda which in turn contributes to polarization and fragmentation in the societies.
He stated that the development also highlighted the need for promoting genuine dialogue at the grass-roots level to alleviate all misunderstandings and misinformation that lead to intolerance and misconceptions.
In this regard, he appreciated the position of many Swiss political and religious leaders from all sides who expressed unequivocally their rejection for any attempt to undermine the rights of Muslims in Switzerland.

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