Vlad Tepes has been following this story for some time now, he mentioned the incident in his interview with Morten Messerschmidt and now he’s found a video, and added subtitles to it. What you are about to see is cencorship in its grossest and rawest form.
In order to appease the local Islamic community so they won’t riot in the streets…they, the police, choose to suppress the media, and expunge from the record any trace of this incident. Watch and learn, and be outraged yourself, at the dhimmitude being displayed here by European law enforcement.
Vlad Tepes: “The Dutch government has so much to be ashamed of in the events described herein.
I have been aware of it since I first read about it on Klein Verzet (The Little Resistance) some time ago. Perhaps two years or more. Where to begin? I would say with the murder of Theo van Gogh, an event which was profoundly hurtful to a good size segment of the Dutch population, perhaps a segment that until then had been unaware of Islam and its true nature.
One man, a Rotterdam artist, Chris Ripke, (who’s studio is right next door to the Mosque in the Insulindestraat [the Turkish Iskender Pasa Camii Mosque) decided to do a fairly innocuous protest. He went to Rotterdam, and painted a small mural of an Angel, some Koranic text about peace at the bottom, and the words:” Though Shalt Not Kill” in Dutch across the mural.
A man representing the nearby mosque was of course, offended by the Christian sentiment on the mural and called the city and demanded it be removed. In point form, the city obliged and perhaps most horrifying of all, the police told all media present for the removal of the mural they may not film it and had their film taken away in keeping with the Dutch police of ‘non-escalation’. A few days ago, someone sent me a link to a video on youtube of this whole event. Apparently someone decided not to comply with the police request thankfully, and a group of us worked hard to translate and subtitle this as we feel as many people as humanly possible need to see this and understand its importance. Although this event is old, the presence of this tape is new to me and almost certainly new to the English speaking world.

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