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There are still many Nazis left
waiting to finish the job

The Last Nazi, aged 89, finally faces justice as he goes on trial accused of helping to kill 28,000 Jews

He is frail and almost 90 years old but a former SS guard will finally face justice over the deaths of almost 28,000 Jews in the Holocaust next week.
In what may be the final Nazi trial, John Demjanjuk, 89, will appear in court in Munich over allegations he took part in an extermination programme at Sobibor in Poland.
The Ukrainian-born former U.S. auto worker fought in the Red Army before being captured by the Nazis and recruited as a concentration camp guard, it is claimed by prosecutors.
He was extradited from the U.S. in May after months of legal wrangling and is due to go on trial on Monday despite his family insisting he is too frail to be in the dock.
Demjanjuk, who denies any involvement in the Holocaust, will come face to face with one of the lucky few who survived the camp where at least 250,000 people died.
Thomas Blatt, whose younger brother and parents were killed at Sobibor, has travelled from his American home to see the trial.
‘It is important to hear the testimony of those times, for young people to truly know the meaning of the hell on earth that was Sobibor,’ he 88-year-old told the Daily Mirror.
‘The stink of carbon monoxide, the naked little children going to be gassed, the flames that licked out of the furnace chimney as all you knew and loved evaporated before your eyes.
‘Demjanjuk is not an old man who deserves pity but who should come to terms with what he did.’

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  1. I don't think John Demjanjuk is "the last Nazi". There are probably a few still out there.

    John Demjanjuk has "faced justice" before and has never been convicted. It's hard to imagine that the Germans will be any more lucky than others. The Israelis couldn't get a conviction on him.

    For some strange reason, everytime John Demjanjuk goes on trial somewhere, there's this groundswell of sympathy for him. "He's so old!"… "He's an old man."… "Whatever he did it was so long ago!". Those are the nice comments!

    In the mean time, Sami Al-Arian and so many others have escaped justice that there is little to take pride for in the Demjanjuk case. One has to wonder why, after all these years, nobody got a conviction on him for aiding and abetting murder.

    Perhaps I don't understand everything about this case. I confess, that I see far greater dangers to the Jewish people in this day and age than John Demjanjuk. I certainly understand that there is no statute of limitation for murder. That in of itself is reason enough to prosecute John Demjanjuk.

    Yet I think KGS59 makes a valid point. There are so many OTHERS seeking to willfully murder Jews en masse today that mainstream media attention on the Demjanjuk trial seems rather hypocritical. It merely amounts to those "crocodile tears" so many shed for the dead Jews of the Holocaust while supporting those who attack the 6 Million Jews of Israel in word and deed in this day and age.

    So let's be frank here! If everyone who aids and abets the mass murder of Jews manages to live to be 89 years old without being punished, the Jewish people are in a LOT of trouble.

  2. Thanks TINSC.

    The fact that the Israelis' justice system failed to convict Demjanjuk speaks highly of their dutifull adherence to the rule of law.

    There are no kangaroo courts in Israel, and those who commit acts of terror against its citizens, when tried and convicted, have truly been through a correct judicial process.

    There are no political prisoners in Israel, which the unfortunate release of Demjanjuk from an Israeli jail proves. If the evidence isn't enough to hold someone, they'll be released.

    As for such a man to be allowed to resist arrest for decades, it speaks greatly of the ease mmurders of Jews find refuge amongst the population. Somewhere along the line, this mass murderer was known but was not given over to the authorities. I'll let others come to their own conclusions over why.

    There are plenty of people still left who howl for Jewish blood, and many of them reside in the Islamic world, and have many abetters in Europe who turn a blind eye.

    In Europe they're found in the academy, media and political circles, who are the apostles of political correctness (the tearing down of western sociity as we know it) and multiculturalism. They continually turn a blind eye to the Jew hatred of the "minorities" they have invoted into Europe to replace the Jews murdered at the hands of the National Socialists of Germany and their willing stooges like Demjanjuk who found it ideologically easy to flitter back and forth from the Communists to the Nazis. Anyone who reads the TT regularly knows the reason why, it's because both are two branches of the same ideological impulse. Murderous Socialism.

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