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A press conference gathered for the 9/11 Never Forget group, that’s disgusted over the Obama administration’s decision to try Khaled Sheik Mohammed in a US court in downtown NYC. The people gathered yesterday represent just the tip of the iceberg of those Americans who want their country back, and do not want to provide al-Qaida a platform from which to promote their jihad against America.
Here’s the video of the speech by Andrew McCarthy.

Here’s the transcript the Tundr Tabloids did for Atlas, where she interviews Andrew McCarthy, Congressman Pete King from NY and Tim Brown, one of the surviving firefighters from 9/11, who lost 93 friends and co-workers. KGS
Atlas: Even if this rally is gi-normous in Folley Square, do you believe for one second that he’s going to back pedal and change his position? Is there hope? I mean there’s always hope, so it’s a rhetorical question.
Andrew McCarthy: But you know…remember the CIA photographs, they were going to release the prisoner abuse photos? People rose up, they got angry about it, there were a lot of political back lash? And what happened? He reversed himself. So it’s not hopeless, and again, like I said on the podium, it’s our courthouse, it’s our government and they get to serve it for a while, and I think that we should speak to them and let them know what we want.
Atlas: I think that Debra Burlingame made a powerful statement when she said, it’s legal jihad in the courtroom, would you classify it that way as well?
Andrew McCarthy: Well jihad is anything that advances their cause, which is to establish sharia as a first step towards Islamicizing this society. So anything that they can advance the cause with is properly catagorized as jihad. We call it lawfare because that was a catchy phrase for it, but I htink legal jihad is just as accurate, maybe more.
Atlas: Wouldn’t it be troublesome, because I’m sure they wouldn’t profile the jury, but lets say you have a couple of devout Muslims, I’m not saying non-practicing, I’m not saying secular Muslims. I’m saying devout Muslims like Major Hasan, who during prior to his mowing down of soldiers, was a perfectly, lovely American citizen, was he not.
Andrew McCarthy: I don’t know whether he was perfectly lovely, he was perfectly lovely if he didn’t (unclear)
Atlas: Right, but they kept promoting him.
Andrew McCarthy: But that doesn’t mean he was not obvious to everyone else, he was obvious to…. all the wrong people were willfully blind.
Atlas: But he would have gotten on the jury.
Andrew McCarthy: I don’t know, he wouldn’t have gotten on my jury
Atlas: heh, right, but you’re not there anymore.
Andrew McCarthy: Right. But I don’t think that he would have gotten on most juries.
Atlas: That was a loaded question, but I think it’s a legitmate question, should devout Muslims serve on this jury if the trial goes forward?
Andrew McCarthy: Pamela, they’re going to be asked 150 to 200 questions to vet them for what their attitudes are, and I think that if there’s any sense, devout is a loaded word, but I want to say, anyone who can be influenced by the ideology department should not be on the jury. Period.
Atlas: Ok. Do you think that the presecutor will follow those guidelines?
Andrew McCarthy: I think no prosecuter who wanted to win the case, for his own self preservation, and to do his job, which is to represent the United States and get a conviction if it’s proper to get one under the evidence. No presecutor worth his salt would let someone on the jury who seems predisposed against the government, and predisposed for the other side.
Atlas: Thank you very much.
Congressman Pete King from NY now being intereviewed
Atlas: Can I ask you something? Obama’s Rasmussen ratings today were the lowest ever, he’s down 15%, do you think this has anything to do with it? Do you think it’s impacting his approval ratings among the American people?
Congressman Pete King: I think it’s only part of it, I think the American people, I think this is showing that the American people are looking at all of his policies against terrorism and realize they’re lacking. And so yes, I think that this is going to hurt the president popularity, but it’s not really a popularity issue, but I do think that the American people have, are beginning to see the weakness
Atlas: His approval ratings
Congressman Pete King: Right..and it really is, and I think the American people are realizing the apparent weakness in his policies
Atlas: Do you think that the Republicans have been strong enough on this issue? Have opened up and taken up the mantle against Islamic terror?
Congressman Pete King: Now I don’t. I think we should be much more aggressive in speaking against it. I’m saying that again, as far as my own party, we should realize that this is the defining issue of our generation whether we survive as a civilization. No issue could be more important than that. We have to be outspoken, not be apologetic, we have to be heard and speak as loudly and frely as we can.
Atlas: Do you think that there should be devout Muslims on the jury
Congressman Pete King: Well that’s up to the judge, I have no problem with a person’s religion, if a person happens to Muslim, Catholic…

Atlas: I said devout…

Congressman Pete King: Well again that’s going to be up to the judge to decide, I mean a person can be a devout Muslim and still treat this fairly, I think they can, I don’t want to assuming people just because of their religion, I think that the subsequent questions asked go beyond that to see whether or not they should be on the jury.
Atlas: Thank you very much
Tim Brown, NY firefighter now being interviewed
Atlas: This is Tim Brown, you founded 911neverforget.us . Why did you strart this new organization?
Tim Brown: Because we got so much support, really it was three websites, thebravest.com , 911familiesforamerica.org  and keepamericasafe.com, and when we sent it out to our, each of our lists, it just took off. And we wound up now with some where above 120 thousand signatures and now it’s grown into organizations of thousands and thousands of people who are starting to sign on. You know this organization has ten thousand and that one has thirty thousand, so we will be posting the organizations that support us on the website, 911neverforget.us , and we’re planning a rally on Sept. 5th at noon at Folley’s Square where we’re going to tell Obama that all of America does not agree with what they’re doing.
Atlas: You said that you lost 93 friends on 9/11..
Tim Brown: Yes. 93 firefighter friends.
Atlas: Did you imagine at the time that you would be here now..
Tim Brown: No, never,..I’m not an activist, I’ve always been under the radar and, this decision just got in my gut and it just angers me so much. I know these familes, I know the families of my friends who were killed and, they don’t need 9/11 part II, by the elite Holder and Obama. These people really hurt. They really hurt, they’re still hurting and they are just trying to get on with their lives to where they can love and live again, and it’s very unfair what’s being done to them by Obama. They’re just arrogant, just arrogant.
Atlas: Yes I agree. Do you think that no matter how big the rally is, even if it’s lets say, gi-normous, do you think that they’ll change their minds? Honestly?
Tim Brown: Oh, I tell you what, I don’t think Holder was on his game when we were sitting in the audience. I think they did not expect this. I think that we through him off his game, I think, I know that he did not have answers for Senator Graham,..
Atlas: He didn’t.
Tim Brown: You know, I think we, they’re going to listen, they’re going to listen, he’s going to be out of office in four years. You know that this is a very silly decision to make
Atlas: Dangerous too..
Tim Brown: Yeah..and very dangerous.
Atlas: Thank you so much. I hope to stay in touch with you, I’ll be there.
Tim Brown: Thank you very much

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