The beleaguered state of Honduras is a true western democracy and friend of the United States, and yet, the Obama administration sides with tyrants under the disingenuous guise of “protecting democracy”. The present US administration believes it knows the Honduras constitution better than the Honduran law makers themselves, which makes them more “gringos” than other previous administrations that occupied the White House.
So here we have the Honduran Foreign Minister, Carlos Lopez Contreras, warning the US about the obvious threat facing the region, which is working hand in hand with the socialist/communist/fascist government of Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia, and in part, the socialist Brazilian government as well. This all presents a clear and present danger to S.American stability. KGS

Rome, 24 Nov. (AKI) – By Klaus Heiss – Iran’s move to strengthen relations with Venezuela is a threat to the stability of Central America, according to a key minister from the region. Honduras’ acting foreign minister Carlos Lopez Contreras was speaking as Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad concluded an official visit to Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia, on Tuesday.
“We currently see the Iran-Venezuela-Central America bridge as being something very dangerous,” Contreras told Adnkronos International (AKI), adding that the recent rapproachement between the Zelaya government and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez played a role in the the military coup which deposed Zelaya.
“That also played a role in the ‘reaction’ by Honduran ‘institutions’ so that the country would not fall under the influence of the so-called 21st century socialism regimes, which sometimes are not socialist, nor are they democracies, nor do they belong to the 21st century,” Contreras said.
Contreras was in Italy in a bid to bolster support for the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti, who assumed power in a bloodless military coup from president Manuel Zelaya in June this year.
He was visiting the Italian capital ahead of presidential elections to be held in the Central American country on Sunday.
Zelaya is expected to play a role in the new government after the weekend polls but Contreras expressed concern about the former president’s overtures to Iran before the coup.
“We see it as a worrying trend the rapprochement between the Zelaya government and Iran, because we have always seen Iran as a dangerous state when it comes to matters of international peace, technology developments, nuclear weapons and the promotion of terrorist actions in the world,” Contreras said.
On Monday Ahmadinejad visited Brazil where he met president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
He was due to arrive in Venezuela on Tuesday to meet controversial leftist leader Hugo Chavez after a short visit to Bolivia to meet president Evo Morales.
For Ahmadinejad, the official visit was an opportunity to expand Iran’s relations in a region where he already has a firm ally in Chavez.
Brazil, which has adopted a much more conciliatory line over Iran’s nuclear ambitions than its Western allies, has supported dialogue with Iran in a bid for progress on the nuclear issue and Middle East peace.
On the other hand, Venezuela’s Chavez believes Iran, China and Russia, are the key to weakening United States influence in Latin America, and has moved to establish ever closer ties with Tehran in recent years.

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