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Misogyny is a destructive worldwide phenomenon, and not the exclusive problem for Islamic societies. But the reality is that, the overwhelming majority of these incidents, such as acid burning of the face, takes place inside the Islamic world. Wherever women are treated as cattle, the incidents of abuse are the greatest, and the facts are, that in many parts of the Islamic world, especially where fundamental Islam is the preferred way a life, misogynist attacks against women are an every day occurance. That abuse of women is not looked down upon in Islamic society in general, underlines the fact that, the need to confront fundamental Islam couldn’t be greater. KGS

Terrorism that’s personal (12 images)

But sometimes it’s very personal. It wasn’t a government or a guerrilla insurgency that threw acid on this woman’s face in Pakistan. It was a young man whom she had rejected for marriage. As the United States ponders what to do in Afghanistan — and for that matter, in Pakistan — it is wise to understand both the political and the personal, that the very ignorance and illiteracy and misogyny that create the climate for these acid attacks can and does bleed over into the political realm. Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times op-ed columnist who traveled to Pakistan last year to write about acid attacks, put it this way in an essay at the time: “I’ve been investigating such acid attacks, which are commonly used to terrorize and subjugate women and girls in a swath of Asia from Afghanistan through Cambodia (men are almost never attacked with acid). Because women usually don’t matter in this part of the world, their attackers are rarely prosecuted and acid sales are usually not controlled. It’s a kind of terrorism that becomes accepted as part of the background noise in the region. …

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