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The state of Ohio’s justice system has involved itself in some real underhanded moves in its handling of the Rifqa Bary case. This girl is in the process of being sold down the river in order to appease a highly intimidating Muslim community. That’s what they do, in country after country, the most vocal set the pace for the rest of society. Well, it’s not over till the big fat lady sings, and Rifqa has got some serious heavyweights in her corner. KGS
Pamela Geller: The vise tightens further on Rifqa. The authorities, at the command of the Barys’ lawyer Omar, continue to isolate Rifqa. She has been in Ohio for well over a month and still there is no “approved visitation” list. How can this be? How can it be that friends who request a visit, and whom Rifqa requests to visit, are repeatedly told “there is no approved visitation list”? Is it not the very mission by objective of children’s services to protect the health and welfare of a child? Why has Rifqa been denied “pastoral guidance”? Convicts, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles have access to “pastoral guidance”. Is that how powerful and influential Islamic jihad has become in the state of Ohio — that one young girl is starved of spiritual nourishment so as not to insult Islam? Has everyone gone mad?

No phone. No net. No religious succor.

This is why I so fiercely fought her return to Ohio. Columbus is home to one of the largest Somali Muslim populations in the United States, 70,000 and growing. This is the group, Somali Muslims, that has been at the epicenter of myriad busts for jihad in recent weeks (and one coming today). Is she safe in a devout Muslim community?
The office of Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (recipient of buko Islamo-bucks) issued a statement back on September 14th, on why Rifqa Bary should be returned to Ohio.

Child welfare agencies and authorities in Ohio and Franklin County are fully capable of providing for the security and well-being of Ohio’s children,” the statement said. “The governor believes this is a family matter and therefore would most appropriately be handled here in Ohio with the assistance of the child welfare and foster care system.

“We have no reason to believe that she would be unsafe in Ohio,” his statement said.”

NOTE: This is the test cases of whether or not apostates from Islam will be protected in the United States. Citizens and residents of the US need to show up in full and demonstrate for Rifqa Bary’s human rights, this is the case folks, now its time to make a difference.

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