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What’s with Norway? They want the freedom to unjustifiably drag Israel through mud, and then cry like a bunch toddlers with soiled nappies when they get correctly called out for their anti-Semitic behaviour.

Yesterday’s Aftenposten editorial was a childish response to the carefully prepared seminar by Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld at the JCPA a few days ago in Israel, in which factual examples of anti-Semitism were presented by the JCPA’s chairman of the board of fellows.

Dr.Gerstenfeld presented his case that Norway does in fact have a problem with it’s understanding of the Jewish state of Israel, and it’s inability to discern between proper criticism of its policies, and outright anti-Semitism. The Aftenposten editiorial didn’t bother to counter Gerstenfeld’s accusations with facts, instead it took to name calling and insinuating that Gerstenfeld is a “blinkered vociferous fanatic and extremist“.

According to the Aftenposten, all Norwegian criticism of Israel could never be construed as being anti-Semitic, apparently no matter what is said or written. (They never bother to describe what critism could ever go over the line and be considered anti-Semitic). Truth is, the Norwegian have a low boiling point for being called bigots, no matter how tightly the shoe fits.

The Tundra Tabloids remembers how quick the Norwegian media was to jump all over the Jerusalem Post for it’s article that wrongfully reported Finance Minister Kristin Halverson shouting death to the Jews. The paper retracted the story, and then published another report with the proper information.

They were pointing the finger and wagging the tongue of how badly the J’lem Post got it wrong, but they have never retracted a single report about the Gaza War, in which for example, Mads Gilbert, a radical Left-wing doctor was given ample space in the Norwegian media to propagandize for the Hamas. And the how Norwegian media loved him for his efforts!
The doctor even took part in theatrics for the media, in his participation in a staged recsusitation of a dead boy, and after watching the video, there is room for doubt as to whether the boy was indeed dead. Watch closely at the 40 second mark, that’s where the fake compression are given, then the fake dialogue between Gilbert and his “assistant”.

So don’t expect the Norwegian media to retract any bogus accusation it made about Israel during the Gaza war, because for them, no matter how often and how badly they miss the mark in their reporting on Israel, it’s all the same. They wrongfully deem Israel as the aggressor and all reporting flows from that ideological viewpoint, backed by their deep anti-Semitic feelings about Jews in general. KGS

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