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Obama: Yeah I know what I said…..
When the Tundra Tabloids heard about the man selected to be the new US ambassador to Finland, Bruce Orek, the first thought was, “how much did he contribute to the Obama campaign?”
Bruce Oreck may very well turn out to be a fine ambassador for the US, that’s not in question here, but Obama’s decision to name political appointees to top government positions which is a gross contradiction of his repeated promises for “change” in American politics.
Yes, Republicans are as guilty as the Democrats with the practice of rewarding top campaign fund raisers with cushy appointments abroad, but Obama gave the American people the repeated promise that “business as usual” in Washington would end with his being selected as president.

It was all of course a bald faced lie, but what makes Obama’s decision to appointment long time financial contributer Bruce Oreck as ambassador to Finland, so blatantly “business as usual” and therefore a major breach of Obama’s supposedly “new brand of Washington ethics”, is that Bruce Oreck is involved in the eco business sector.

While his organization Zero Carbon Initiative does not solicit funds, he stands to make extensive contacts within the Finnish green eco-business sector, and as everyone should know, ambassadorships, especially in key places around the globe, offer a unique opportunity to develop profitable business contacts in the country they are stationed, and than act as middlemen after they leave their position which translates into their becoming highly paid “advisors” for firms wanting to establish business contacts in the country in question.

So it’s all win win for the ambassador once he or she leaves the embassy and heads back home. So Ambassador Bruce Oreck’s green business interests are of great significance for his landing the top spot in Finland, which is a state on the cutting edge of high-tech innovations. This appointment was not a fluke, it’s a real example of Washington’s “business as usual” way of doing things, which Obama’s “hope-n-change” promises look mighty shallow. KGS

He may have promised to change Washington, but President Barack Obama is continuing one of its most renowned patronage traditions: bestowing prized ambassadorships on big donors.
Of the nearly 80 ambassadorship nominations or confirmations since Obama’s Inauguration, 56 percent were given to political appointees and 44 percent have gone to career diplomats, according to records kept by the American Foreign Service Association.
The latest nomination came this week, when Beatrice Wilkinson Welters was nominated to serve as ambassador to the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.
Welters, a longtime advocate for underprivileged children, and her husband, Anthony, an executive with UnitedHealth Group, generated between $200,000 and $500,000 in donations to Obama’s presidential campaign and an additional $100,000 for his Inauguration, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that tracks political giving.
The Welters can be counted among the nearly two dozen Obama bundlers — fundraisers who together organized and solicited more than $10 million in donations during the 2008 campaign — who now are being dispatched to some of the world’s greatest cities.

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