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The sock puppet president

Pee Wee Herman Van Rompuy
The only thing transparent in EU bureaucracy is the naked self serving nature of the elite that run the crooked and highly undemocratic enterprise. The Tundra Tabloids had to laugh at the Finnish media and politicos over the past few weeks who were entertaining the grand notion that one of their own, either Paavo Lipponen or Martti Ahtisaari would get the top spot.
They were all giggly over the prospects of having a Finn in such a high profile position, but never bothered asking the serious questions as to why they would want to be in a union in which back room deals and under the table wheeling and dealings are considered normal. It never occured to many of Finland’s staunchest EU supporters that the small nation would lose its hard won sovereignty and that they will be swallowed whole.
Yep, this December 6th, Finland’s day of independence is going to take on a whole different meaning, we’ll be celebrating the day Finland became a sovereign state, but not as a sovereign state. We joined the EU as an independent country and with the proud legacy of  Gustav Mannerheim, now we’re slaves to Brussels with Pee Wee Herman as a figurehead president. A fool and his wealth are soon departed. KGS
Poetry writing economist
The little-known Belgian federalist and the Labour peer who has never held elected office were selected at a meeting in Brussels.
EU leaders chose the Belgian prime minister as the first President of the European Council. Britain’s European Trade Commissioner was made the High Representative for Foreign Affairs.
The surprise combination emerged after Gordon Brown ended Tony Blair’s hopes of becoming president, abandoning his support for his successor and proposing Baroness Ashton for the foreign job instead.
The Prime Minister’s switch surprised European leaders, not least because of Baroness Ashton’s lack of diplomatic experience.
A former health authority chairwoman made a peer in 1999, she held a string of low-key ministerial posts until last year when she was sent to Brussels as an interim replacement for Lord Mandelson on his return to the Cabinet.
Mr Van Rompuy is a poetry-writing economist almost entirely unknown outside Belgium until he emerged as EU leaders’ choice for a president who could not possibly overshadow national leaders.
A staunch advocate of European integration, he has backed policies including a European-wide tax on all financial transactions to fund EU work.

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