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Lets play guess who?

The Helsingin Sanomat hides the identity of the people Finnish security police chief, Lasse Anttila, believes have contacts to Islamic terrorist groups abroad. Must be those pesky Americans again! How unprofessional for the Helsinki paper which prides itself as being a learning tool for the public, to force the reader to look between the lines and guess which people the HS journalist is talking about. Political correct nonsense. The people in question are of course Somalies and other Muslims from N.African countries and from elsewhere in the Levant. KGS

Dozens of people in Finland have contacts with terrorists

According to Security Police (SUPO) several dozen people staying or have stayed in Finland, have links to international terrorism.
According to the head of SUPO’s counter-terrorism unit, Lasse Anttila, it may be that part of the linkages are normal contacts with relatives. But it is also among people, for example, who are known to favor a violent radical ideology.  
Some individuals, according to SUPO, have been willing to leave Finland for armed conflict in crisis areas.
According to Anttila, it would not be a surprise if some had participated in combat or in terrorist training camps.
“In taking into account the experience of other countries, we must be realists in this case,” Anttila says.
According to SUPO, there has been well-kept links with various organizations from Finland.
“There is both a radical Islamist and separatist [autonomy] organizations. These are the very same organizations as in the other Nordic countries,” Anttila says.
For example, in Sweden, the authorities have told us that they have followed inside their borders those including al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaabia.
The threat of terrorism against Finland at the moment, according to Anttila is minor. SUPO has so far not found any thing that would have led to investigations of terrorist crimes up in Finland.
According to SUPO, no one suspected of terrorism has been deported from Finland.

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  1. What ever possessed the social engineering dimwits responsible for accepting refugees to Finland, to target Somalis as immigrants?

    Can any one honestly think of a more inappropriate match?

    And I mean no disrespect for any genuine refugee of whatever ethnic origin.

    But on any criterion you can think of, there is no match.

    The whole program is a total absurdity.

    No doubt about it.

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

    There has to be a better alternative to the world's problems than the total transplanting of communities into an alien culture totally divorced from their own.

  2. Raymond, I appreciate all your comments, and apologize for not answering everyone of them.

    You are spot on with your analysis, Somali refugees are not the greatest match for a Western European/Finnish ethnic homogeneous society.

    While *some* cases are acceptable for help and relocation, transplanting whole foreign societies in masse is the height of stupidity.

    I know an African Sudanese man in Helsinki, and I can think of know better example of a model resident who should be the example for all other new comers to Finland.

    But sadly, Christian Sudanese refugees don't figure to much in the thinking of these multiculturalists. Here's a guy who's appreciative of Western society, and accepts is mores.

    If we had more people like him here, there wouldn't be a problem with refugee acceptance and immigration.

    Thanks for commenting here, and please know that all of your posts are read.

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