There’s been a near gag order imposed on the girl
There was a rally outside the court house building in Columbus Ohio yesterday, in show of support for the fomer Muslim girl, Rifqa Bary, as well as to let the court system know, that her case is still in the hearts and the minds of those who support her decision to convert freely to whatever religion she desires, and not be threatened with death.
This is indeed a case about whether the US allows Islamic sharia law and the intimidation that naturally flows from it, to wrap its tenticles around US law enforcement and its judicial system. Will US law protect all of its citizens and residents living within its jurisdiction equally, or will it take to treating Muslims as a special class of people and and safeguard their anti-democratic and anti-human rights “values”?
Though Rifqa Bary is small in stature, her case has enormous ramifications regardless of the decision rendered by the Ohio court system. Will the Ohio court system continue to turn a blind eye to the elephant in the court room, namely Islam and its destructive sharia, or will common sense and good old fashion US law take precedence over political correctness?
We shall soon see. Atlas has lots of pics of the rally here, as well as a video of Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Pamela herself speaking to the media. Here’s CBN’s report of the event.

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