France: The shape of things to come

Democracy bears the seeds of its own demise. It all works wonderfully well if all the participants within that society play by the same rules that governs all. But the applecart gets overturned when any group subverts the rules to carve out special, or exclusive rights for themselves to the detriment of everyone else in that society. Once that is allowed to happen, the end of that society, founded upon democratic pluralism, is a forgone conclusion.
Welcome to Europe. This time it’s France in the cross hairs, as the “freedom sack” will not be banned by the French government in spite of the security risks it poses, because, they are afraid it might harm someone’s freedom to wear the oppresive garment. Give a slip here, and you’ll take a fall later, guaranteed. There shouldn’t be any appeasement by the government on the issue, especially in an age of Islamic inspired terrorsm, as well as in a state that  has 5 million Muslims. KGS

France will oppose but not ban burqas

PARIS (Reuters) – France will issue recommendations against full face veils but not pass a law barring Muslim women from wearing them, a leading backer of a legal ban said on Friday.
Andre Gerin, chairman of a parliamentary inquiry into use of full face veils in France, reluctantly ruled out a ban one day after President Nicolas Sarkozy repeated his conviction that “France is a country that has no place for the burqa.”
France banned Muslim headscarves in state schools in 2004 following a similar inquiry and looked set to bring in an outright ban on veils coverings the whole face, such as burqas or niqabs, when it launched the panel last June at the request of Gerin, a Communist deputy from Lyon.
But at its weekly hearings, legal experts, local officials, Muslim leaders and even some militant secularists have told the deputies on the panel that a ban could be anti-constitutional, counterproductive and impossible to enforce.
Gerin, who denounces the head-to-toe veils as “walking coffins,” told Europe 1 radio: “We’ll end up with recommendations … not a law in itself against the burqa, maybe a symbolic law, a law of liberation (of women).”
Backing off from a complete ban, he said the panel might propose “radical measures” to ban full face veils in municipal hospitals and other public institutions, but gave no details.

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