MP Daniela Santanche:
It’s all true, go ahead and look it up!
Via Sheik Yer’Mami, the following article is bound to piss off a heap of those who follow that desert madman called Mo. This brave feminist (unlike the pseudo feminists who applaud the burka) calls things as they are, and is not afraid of confrontation. The last time she was in the international news, she was assaulted by Muslims for protesting against the highly offensive Muslim body bags called burkas and niqabs.
We need more brave politicians like Daniela Santanche to speak the truth and call things as they are and political correctness be damned. Santanche has every right to speak the historical truth and not cover things up due to Muslim sensibilities, and more importantly, Muslim intimidation. The more we cave into the role (read = dhimmitude) Islam has carved out for us, the more we will become straight-jacketed into subservience.
It’s either fight back with the truth and expose political correctness for what it is, or succomb to the suppression of free speech and allow others to dictate their world view free from criticism It’s either or, you have to choose. Offend or be offended and muzzled at the same time, that’s what the paractioners of political correctness have in store for you. And look where it got 13 people on a base in Texas, with score still in the hospital, while the media, politicians and the military brass spin this guy and the followers of his ideology into victims.
We are the ones being victimized on a daily basis, with threats of retribution, imprisonment and fines, let alone being branded as raaaaacists and Islamophobes, with the latter being constructed from pure helium. So once again folks, you can sit idly by, read the blogs and mutter to yourself, or get involved. Call your political representatives and demand an end to political correct nonsense, and demand a return to a time where one could speak his or her mind, without being railroaded as a bigot and “waaaaycist”. Above all, get involved in city councils and in your local school boards, taking closer looks at your childrens’ schoolbooks, remember, PC training starts young these days. KGS

Rome, 9 Nov. (AKI) – One of Italy’s largest Muslim organisations on Monday condemned the feminist and former rightwing MP Daniela Santanche for calling the Prophet Mohammed a paedophile and polygamist on television at the weekend. “If there is a basis to make a formal complaint, we will do so because we need to say enough is enough with this kind of vulgarity targeting Islam’s prophet,” said a spokesman for the Muslim group UCOII, Elzir Izidin.
“It is incitement to hatred and is unacceptable. We are looking into what we can do,” Izidin added.
Santanche made the inflammatory remarks during a heated debate on Sunday with the president of Milan’s Islamic centre, Ali Abu Schwaima, on the placing of the crucifix in Italian classrooms.
“Mohammed was a polygamist and a paedophile because he had nine wives, one of whom was only nine years old, that is a historical fact,” said Santanche.
Santache was referring to Aisha, the Prophet Mohammed’s third wife who was believed to be nine-years-old at the time of her marriage to Mohammed.
Her remarks made on the commercial channel Canale 5, incensed Schwaima and other Muslims in the audience.
The president of Italy’s association of Muslim intellectuals, Ahmad Gianpiero, also deplored Santanche’s comments.
“The accusations made yesterday against the Prophet Mohammed are unacceptable and will only stoke similar reactions and hostility from the Muslim community,” he said.
“Now more than ever before, we need to isolate those who seek to provoke. Instead, we need to rebuild a climate of dialogue between different religions and cultures,” said Gianpiero.
Child marriages such as Aisha’s were relatively common in Bedouin societies at the time of the prophet and remain so in countries such as Yemen and Saudi Arabia among others.

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