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You always learn something from the comment section, anyone managing a blog that refrains from allowing visitors to comment, robs themselves. Some of the best quotes have come from the Tundra Tabloids’ comment section, as well as some thoughtful points of views and analysis.
This most recent terrorist attack on US soil by Major Jihad has brought out a couple of good observations from both TINSC, and Sheik Yer’Mami, which caused thte TT to think of another good point as well, thanks guys.

First with TINSC’s views:

It’s all well and fine to once again point out the support Jihadists have worldwide but there’s a more important point to be considered here. American law enforcement agencies were worried about the Ft. Hood terrorist and he managed to stay one step ahead of them.
Let’s flash back to 2007 and consider the Fort Dix Massacre that never happened.
How soon we forget!
Sometimes our law enforcement gets it right. Other times, they get it wrong.
As you know, I was never a big fan of President Bush. However, back in 2007, the President was not sending messages to law enforcement agencies that inhibited them when they saw “all the warning signs”. Today, we have a President that have law enforcement agencies feeling inhibited in reacting to the terrorist’s signals that he might act on his anti-American sentiment.
This needs to be corrected.”
How right you are TINSC. Our government officials are taking their lead from the “commander in chief” who is basically encouraging them to second guess their better instincts. President Obama is sending dangerous signals to all levels of law enforcement, and to the military itself, to not act upon those obvious warning signs you mentioned.
One of the first ways at correcting the situation is to start calling things as they really are and political correctness be damned. The President is not the only one at fault here, the rabbit hole goes much more deep than that. It’s a whole culture of political correctness that has blind sided most of our leaders, media and law officials. So that when a young woman, Rifqa Bary, who converted to Christianity four years ago, and her father finds out about it this year, is threatened with murder for her apostacy, both law enforcement officials, court systems and child services departments are more willing to side with the father.
Why? It’s because of political correctness and ignorance, but I blame PC thinking most of all, because when the truth was made known to these ignorant officals, they still chose to side with the Islamic fundy father, and his crooked lawyers paid by CAIR and by other Muslim Mafia organizations. The media, including FOX News’ Phil Keating, totally ignored the Islamic factor to the case, honor murders to them were not a factor in the good ol’ US of A.

Sheik Yer’Mami adds to the case the TT is now preparing:

You left the best part out, KGS: The fact that Dr. Major Hasan shouted the usual Arabic phrase which has come to mean ‘you are all going to die now’ is likely no surprise to anyone. What probably should concern us all a lot more than the actual event, is that an eye witness to this was afraid of losing her job with the military for actually reporting it. How please, did we get to the point where telling the truth meant losing your job? How did Islam become so protected, that reporting the words of the killer as he did his best to slaughter all his coworkers is a crime and a firing offense?
Thanks Sheik Yer’Mami, your salient point goes to the heart of this post, which can be boiled down to the culture of political correctness = CULTURAL MARXISM,  that puts traditional western mores into the firing line, literally. We have, as a people, whether it be in the US or Canada, Australia or Europe, allowed cultural Marxism to dictate how we will respond to any number of given circumstances, which inevitably, will always works to the detriment of our traditional western values.
It’s the break down of western society that is at fault here, in such an environment, government officials and law enforcement stumble at describing a threat in the proper terms. Not calling an act of Islamic terrorism, ISLAMIC TERRORISM, is a defacto sign that soething is wrong amiss. Islam became protected the moment it no longer became politically correct to call a spade a spade, and let the sparks land where they may.
It started in our universities and other institutions of learning where the more smart we became, the more stupid and crippled we bacame with CULTURAL MARXIST (read_ political correctness) thinking. That is, in the Tundra Tabloids honest opinion, what is at the end of the day at fault here. Why is it that Pvt.William Andrew Long, shot dead by an Islamic terrorist on June 1st of this year, still has not been awarded a Purple Heart?
This whole massacre at Fort Hood SCREAMS PURPLE HEART for these brave men and women shot dead by yet another Islamic terrorist on US soil. What this administration is saying to its armed forces it, if you’re going to die in battle fighting the jihad (which it won’t name), do it over seas because you won’t be recognized as fighting in battle on the shores of the US.
VLAD TEPES was the first blogger that I know of, to take a stand and demand a Purple Heart for Pvt. Long, and outside of the Tundra Tabloids who designed the picture for Vlad, and placed it on the TT’s side bar, I have yet to see the idea catch on in the anti-jihad blogosphere. I believe that it’s high time for that mistake to be corrected as well. KGS


NOTE: For all the guff this women takes from all sides, Pamela Geller has the stamina of thousand grunts on the front lines, being more than ready and willing to take the fight to the jihadis. And she does. Atlas Shrugs is not afraid of political correctness, because once the disease has been identified, it’s just a matter of prescribing the cure. FREE SPEECH.

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