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ATLAS: Arab Street is Rejoicing at the Slaughter of US Soldiers – Give ’em Billions! Give ’em Nukes! But most of all, Give ’em Respect!

Who can forget the fakestinians dancing in the streets on 911, throwing candy and sweets to the children? I am sure our close to one billion dollars in jiyza paid to the territories stolen from the Jews in Gaza, Judea and Samaria is funding the party on the backs of our war dead.

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  1. It's all well and fine to once again point out the support Jihadists have worldwide but there's a more important point to be considered here. American law enforcement agencies were worried about the Ft. Hood terrorist and he managed to stay one step ahead of them.

    Let's flash back to 2007 and consider the Fort Dix Massacre that never happened.

    How soon we forget!

    Sometimes our law enforcement gets it right. Other times, they get it wrong.

    As you know, I was never a big fan of President Bush. However, back in 2007, the President was not sending messages to law enforcement agencies that inhibited them when they saw "all the warning signs". Today, we have a President that have law enforcement agencies feeling inhibited in reacting to the terrorist's signals that he might act on his anti-American sentiment.

    This needs to be corrected.

  2. Oh come on – just because he was waltzing around a US military base in fundamentalist fancy dress and extolling the virtues of suicide bombers – how were the authorities to know he was a threat? Many Americanized Muslims behave in exactly the same way but are law abiding citizens who love their country – aren't they?

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