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There are indeed plenty of Finnish writers on the same internet pages that the writer of the anti-Semitic screed, Richard Järnefelt, publishes on, that do appreciate the Jewish state of Israel. Special thanks to Vasarahammer for the H/T. KGS

Fortunately, there is Israel!

Everyone seems to know what Israel stands for, but few realize that every possible and impossible-Israel criticism has already been invented and published on at least a T-shirt. There are conspiracy theories, free Palestine, victory signs, and Jasser Arafat for peace.
Israel is a pluralistic country. Where there’s an agrument between two opposing Jews there’s at least three opinions, and added  to the soup, within the State of Israel (not the West Bank or Gaza), live 1,500,000 Arabs, some of whom are Islamic, the rest are Christian, and the groups disagreeing about everything possible, are the representative of all the factions.
The most sacred of Christendom’s church, the tomb of Jesus want the church is a good example. Christians in the church fought oer the use of the key so much that the key was handed over Muslim Arabin! Israel is also an exceptional state, because it does not seem to recognize immunity for politicians. If a person who has received a lot of votes (which may be because a lot of power) screws up, he / she will be held  to account.
Almost every Israeli prime minister has been in court, most recently, Ehud Olmert, before Ariel Sharon and many others. Few countries want to or wish to make an accusation againt their leaders. Or do not dare to. Or the country is so corrupt that the country’s leader in practice is dominated by the judiciary. In Israel, the judiciary is above every Prime Minister.
In Finland, however, there are people who believe that Israel is somehow the “lowest place on earth.” Criticism is harsh.
Israel has, however, handled itself correctly. Wherever there are official signs, they must maintain a balance of at least two languages: Arabic and Hebrew. Often, we are pleased to also familiar with the alphabet. This kind of language policy in Finland is familiar. There are those who want to tighten the status of their own linguistic minorities, and sparing no expense, even though in Finland there are larger problems than free primary schools.
A good contrast is the Islamic majority in Malaysia, where precisely the official signs, road signs and the like are only in the majority language. Up to 50 per cent of the population of the Chinese, Tamils and other minorities do not receive in their own language, any official guidance. Take note that the neighboring country of Singapore has official signs always in four languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. In most Muslim countries there are only monolingual signs.
Back to Israel.
Israel draws many criticisms, but how many of those who have took the time to demonize Israel (starting from the former foreign minister, called. “Ol’ Scruffy”) have personally been to this country?
It is easy to only hear and listen to those speaking ill, who insist on the seriousness of alleged “atrocities” call them hate mongers, who possibly involve themselves in being hate mongers as well.
A better option is to be open, to go look at the independent and self-recognized state, and its reality.
Israel, as a pluralistic, multilingual “nation” was born no later than 1920, in which Arabic, Hebrew and English was already ín use in the country.
Fortunately, there is Israel!

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