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Mo: Only pedophilia
within the confines of marriage is ok
The Tundra Tabloids talked it over with Reinhard who states a salient point worth repeating here: It’s like how marital rape isn’t an acknowledged crime in sharia, since all marital sex is regarded as legitimate. So basically the most foul human depravity is OK as long as it’s done within the confines of sharia.
RIYADH (al-Reuters) – A Saudi court of cassation upheld a ruling to behead and crucify a 22-year-old man convicted of raping five children and leaving one of them to die in the desert, newspapers reported on Tuesday.
The convict was arrested earlier this year after a seven-year old boy helped police in their investigation. The child left in the desert after the rape was three years old, Okaz newspaper said.
International rights groups have accused the kingdom, the birthplace of Islam, of applying draconian justice, beheading murderers, rapists and drug traffickers in public. So far this year about 40 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia.
In Saudi Arabia, crucifixion means tying the body of the convict to wooden beams to be displayed to the public after beheading.

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  1. beheading is wrong, castration is the true answer, thou shalt not kill is the same for christians and moslems alike

  2. beheading is right.!! i agree with it, an eye for an eye..!! how fair and i bet you anything the crime rate ins audi arabia is really low ..!! go look up the crime rate's in all th ecountry's and comper saudi arabia to it and you will see why soo meany american brit'z and more people live there TAX free..!! and SAVE..!! 🙂

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