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Owner of “The Spotted Pig” refuses to bow to Islam
Co-owner Ken Friedman:
The Spotted Pig serves only its customer!
This is a serious development. The nerve of someone to tell a proprieter of a state licensed establishment that he needs to end half of his business because “it offends” his Muslim sensibilities. The co-owner, Ken Friedman received a visit from one of the leaders of Masjid Ar-Rahman mosque.
Here’s the exchange: “Can you move the bar?” Friedman’s response makes us want to hurry over to The Breslin right now for a dram of Laphroaig to show our support (and drown out the voices):
I laughed. And the guy said, “Oh, you think that’s funny?” And I said, “Yeah, that is funny, that is really funny, because we’re not going to move the bar just because you discovered we’re serving booze.” Can you name one restaurant in New York that doesn’t serve booze? I said, “This is the United States of America and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want.” He said the mosque had suggested it couldn’t control the behavior of “a few bad eggs”; i.e., we could get a brick through our window.”
Friedman notified the police, but he did one thing that the Tundra Tabloids suggests never to do, he proceeded to cover up his window, to show that he wan’t such a bad egg after all. Appeasing these types will only emboldened them to exact yet even more demands from the tolerant. The best thing to do is to explain how western society works, and if he or she is still unwilling to accept it, than offer them the solution, a one way trip from whence they came, or just learn to live with it.
Vlad has more here. KGS

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  1. I think the problem is that we are (in the main) brought up to be polite, considerate, socially aware and discerning of the needs of others, to the extent that we just find it almost impossible to accommodate in our minds the brazen effrontery of these people.

  2. I hear you Raymond. You state the case very accurately.


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