Finnish pianist and anti-Semite
Richard Järnefelt

Blogging over at the Finnish news website, Uusi Suomi, professional pianist and Guinness world record holder, Richard Järnefelt, takes a genocidal stab at Israel in regards to the recent report by Amnesty International, published in the Helsingin Sanomat about the water situation in the disputed territories. Writing in the Uusi Suomi, “In the footsteps of the Nazis?”, Järnefelt levels a barrage of false claims against the Jewish state.

27.10.2009 Helsingin Sanomat reported that Amnesty International, Israel discriminates against Palestinians in (even) water distribution. Information was not unexpected. If the pervasive modern media did not exist, and international organizations were not interested, I believe that Israel would act in a more obscene way, with the aim of achieving the “final solution” of the Palestinian issue.

I think it is chilling to see that the modern State of Israel does not treat its minorities any better than Nazi Germany treated the Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gays, etc. It would be imagined that the suffering caused to their own tribe would open their eyes to the suffering of others, but with Israeli Jews it seems quite the opposite has happened. Nor is their wrath against the stronger, but the weaker, and if a stronger (eg, Iran) threatens, then the assistance of “Big Brother” is sought.

All honor to the Jewish religion, the history and meaning of the Jewish people, but Europeans should now separate Nazi Germany and modern Israel from each other, and begins to assess the state of Israel’s actions objectively, as if the players were lets say, Denmark or Ireland. A country which is trying to destroy another nation, is not worthy of international sympathy, instead there should be a sending of troops to end that country’s independence. Which has been a mistake from the beginning.

According to Tundra Tabloids’ sources, Richard Järnefelt, has also been a critical voice on both immigration and radical Islam. But what is also interesting is his links to radical clerics like Yousuf Deedat:

Järnefelt:I have studied theology in the university of Helsinki and graduated as M.Sc. in theology in 2007. My diploma work handled of an islamic theologist, sheik Ahmed Deedat. Unfortunately I never had the honor of meeting him, he passed to paradise in 2005, but his son Yousuf Deedat among other colleagues and friends of him became my personal friend. My possible dissertation – which I have already started preparing – also handles of islamic theology.”
This Finnish fink is friendly with Islamic clerics who are friends with, and fellow travellers of, Osama Bin-Laden, which makes any critical statement Järnefelt makes about Islam and mass immigration….suspect. The man is not to be trusted and for a plethora of reasons.
He makes a threat for the genocide of Israel, while claiming Jews as friends (how convenient) as well as openly admitting that he has radical Muslims as his friends, though he states he’s against Sharia and radical Islam. The man is a loon.
Yet Uusi Suomi keeps his blog online, as well as the Finnish Lutheran Church’s 24 Kotimaa., and the Social Democrat Party’s Demari, in spite of his veiled threats of the genocide of Israel. Järnefelt comes from a famous family line of musicians, and perhaps that’s the reason why he takes such a critical view of mass immigration.The famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius, a strong figurehead of Finnish independence from Czarist Russia had maried into the family.
That is, IMHO, why Richard Järnefelt is against mass immigration, (and not against Islam per say) because of his strong family roots and traditions. The man is an ignorant anti-Semite who views the birth of the Jewish state to have been a terrible mistake, and it wouldn’t cause him any loss of sleep if it were erased from the face of the earth. That’s the major difference between Järnfelt and Pat Condell, while one expresses gross ignorance over the subject of Jerusalem, Järnefelt could care less for the entire state of Israel, let alone its capital.
So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Richard Järnefelt is buddy buddy with a  fundamental Islamist and a colleague of Osam Bin-Laden. Anti-Semites will attract other anti-Semites regardless of whether they love music or despise it. Question now remains, is whether the already mentioned newspapers will continue to allow anti-Semite and genocide supporting Järnefelt permission to blog on their site? KGS

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