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The shirking of political responsibilities is at fault here. The ruling powers that be, have turned a blind eye to what is generally referred to by those of us in the counterjihad, as Islamic supremacism and/or fascism. The success of the BNP comes at the expense of the tradtional parties who are being seen as having dropped the ball, being more concerned with creating a secure voter base within the increasing number of Muslim immigrants, than with safeguarding the rights of their own citizens.

The ruling parties of Europe are to blame for any sudden lurch towards parties like the BNP or  the National Front. However, legitimate parties like the Flemish Vlaams Belang, the Danish Peoples Party, Finland’s True Finns, Geert Wilders’ PVV are the only ones daring to raise the issues of Islamization, and mindless multi-culturalism that’s guarded by the fanged watchdog of political correctness. If tradtional parties wish to be taken more seriously, they are going to have to start addressing issues of mass immigration and the support of the welfare state that’s used an excuse to import more people from Muslim states.  KGS
The frenzy over the participation of BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time this week has been a classic case of failing to identify the real elephant in the room.
By fixating on the ‘far right’ as the supremely evil force in British public life, the mainstream political class has failed to grasp that a half-baked neo-Nazi rabble is not the main issue. There is another more lethal type of fascism on the march in the form of Islamic supremacism.
The Islamists, or jihadis, are intent upon snuffing out individual freedom and imposing a totalitarian regime of submission to religious dogma which erodes and then replaces British and Western values. Now these two types of fascism are doing battle with each other — and with the white working class and lower-middle classes caught between them.
For it is the intense anger of these people with the fact that — as they see it — they are the ignored victims of the jihadis that is driving them into the arms of the BNP.
There are, of course, many factors fuelling BNP support. Most broadly, increasing numbers at the lower end of the social scale feel the mainstream parties are ignoring their most pressing concerns. Most of these anxieties involve British national identity: uncontrolled immigration, multiculturalism, the loss to the EU of Britain’s ability to govern itself.
Most toxic of all, however, is the threat from Islamic supremacism and the concern of the disenfranchised white voters that the political establishment is supinely going along with the progressive Islamisation of Britain.
All around them they see the establishment responding to Islamist bullying with acts of appeasement. Jihadis parade on the streets threatening to behead infidels — but it is white objectors whose collars are felt by the police. The mainstream political parties are all petrified of saying anything about either the steady encroachment of Islam into Britain’s public space or the linked phenomenon of mass immigration.
So the BNP has been handed an extraordinary electoral advantage: it can tell voters that it is the only party prepared unequivocally to denounce such things. The rise of Nick Griffin is intimately related to the unchecked march of Islamism in Britain. The BNP is, in one sense, merely the other side of the jihadi coin.

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