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Blair: Hey wait,
my dhimmi dues are all paid up!
After all that jizya the UK dumped into the cesspool of Fakestine. Perhaps he was just fullfilling the Islamic edict of ensuring that the dhimmi knew his place and was properly humiliated. KGS

HEBRON, West Bank, Oct 20 (Reuters) – Bodyguards subdued a Palestinian man on Tuesday as he approached Middle East envoy Tony Blair, shouting “You are a terrorist.”
The former British prime minister was verbally assailed while visiting an ancient mosque during an official trip to the West Bank city of Hebron.
The protester, carrying a bag, was backed into a corner by guards who tried to shut him up. “He is not welcome in the land of Palestine,” the struggling man shouted.
Blair, 56, is envoy for the “Quartet” of powers on the Middle East, comprising the European Union, the United States, Russia and the United Nations.
He gave a tight-lipped smile and a pacifying wave in the general direction of the shouting man, and afterwards played down the incident as a “protest and that’s fair enough”, but not one that should be viewed as typical of local feelings.
Most Palestinians and Israelis want the conflict “resolved in a peaceful way”, he said. They understand “it’s not going to be resolved unless we find a way of creating two states, a state of Israel and a state of Palestine side by side in peace.”
“Frankly it’s not protests that will do that. It’s patient negotiation,” Blair told reporters

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  1. Poor Tony. How distressing. I feel so sorry for him.

    On another thread I do like the cartoon I saw recently depicting Berlusconi and Blair side by side, with inane grins on their faces.

    On Berlusconi's coat lapel is a large tag that reads "lira".

    On Blair's lapel is an equally prominent tag that reads "liar".

    The caption below reads: "We're not too far apart"!

    I hope Blair does not turn out to be another Carter.

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