Seething rage!
From their own mouths you will understand the evilness of the Koran and its founder. Roshan Muhammed Salih, from the Muslim fundamentalist, Press TV London, films from the crowd of baying Muslim demonstrators calling for the genocide of Israel, and interviews individual Muslims quoting the Koran about what to do with Dutch MP, Geert Wilders.

A transcript of the video in which three people, two that are interviewed and the person reporting, speak of what the Koran states about insulting either the Koran or Mohamed, “KILL HIM”. KGS

Interview 1.) We’re here to protest against this man, Geert Wilders, who offended the message of Mohamed, (bla bla bla aleikum Islam). We’re here to give him a message that, like he’s doing his interview today holed up, he’ll remain holed up, because he obviously knows that in Islam, the punishment for the one who insults the prophet is capital punishment. And he should take lessons from people like Theo Van Gogh and others who faced the punishment. So obviously we’re here to warn him and remind him that he’s going to remain holed up as long as he insults Islam and Muslims.

Roshan Muhammed Salih: Is that going to be considered a threat, what you just said?

Well obviously I’m saying, I’m not saying that I’m personally am going to carry out, but, he needs to know that there are Muslims in every corner of the earth, and these people they all have the love for the message of Mohamed (bla bla bla aleikum Islam). And in the message of Mohamed he said, “the one who insults any of the prophets, kill him”. That is a capital punishment. Not necessarily that personally i’m going to carry it out, but he should be warned that, you know, of the consequences of it.

Roshan Muhammed Salih: Do you consider this a victory today that you prevented him from speaking?

Well obviously, all those people who insult Islam, they are under constant protection anyway, they don’t live a life, so they should learn from that and don’t insult the message of Allah.


Man leading the demonstarting mob shouts: “We will see Israel destroyed, we will see the European crusaders destroyed, we will see Islam dominate.”

Roshan Muhammed Salih: We are gathered here today because the guy at the back, Geert Wilders, has insulted the prophet and insulted the Koran, and as we know the Muslims, the messenger Mohamed, (bla bla bla aleikum Islam) said, “whoever insults the prophet, “fac teluhum”, kill him. And we are here to let the people know that we’re not going to stand for this no more, that we are here to let the people know that the British, the the UK, are hypocrits, yet they prosecute the Muslims for incitement and racial hatred, and yet he says so many things against Islam, he says so many things about the Koran and nothing happens to him, and he gets granted to come to the UK.

So we’re not going to stand for it no more, we’ve come here to let the people know that this is no more. So let the whole world know that we meet him and if we had an Islamic state today, his head would be on the stake.

Interview 2.) You see, Geert Wilders, the things that he said, was anti-Islam, anti-Muslim, and they’re not something new. The British government and the Dutch government and all of these governments are allied together killing Muslims in Iraq and in Afghanistan so this is nothing new. what we say to him is, let him come outside. How is it that this man is now scared, he’s runniing scared he can’t come outside the building, and the police and the government are here supporting him and protecting him from the Muslims.

Geert Wilders, the message is to him, is to come outside and face the Muslims, come outside and feel how the Islamic, the Islamic punishment should be on him, is obviously one, only one, and he’s so scared. Where did all the freedom go, and where did all the democracy and everything,..let him come outside, let the police go home, two minutes, two minutes, and see how he’s faced with the Islamic view on all of this on what he’s said.

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