Anjem Choudary


This is the group headed by Anjem Choudary, who heads one of the more vocal Islamist groups in the UK. IMHO, the more this idiot parades himself and his group in public calling for a draconian anti-liberal legal system repugnant to 99.9% of all British citizens, the more he presses the screws upon himself and his fellow Muslims. Brits do have a breaking point, and they won’t stand for this much longer. KGS

Islam4UK Plans March For Sharia in Britain

A RADICAL Muslim group sparked outrage last night as it launched a massive campaign to impose sharia law on Britain. The fanatical group Islam4UK has ­announced plans to hold a potentially ­incendiary rally in London later this month.
And it is calling for a complete upheaval of the British legal system, its officials and ­legislation. Members have urged Muslims from all over Britain to converge on the capital on October 31 for a procession to demand the full implementation of sharia law.
On a website to promote their cause they deride British institutions, showing a mock-up picture of Nelson’s Column surmounted by a minaret. Plans for the demonstration have been ­delivered to the Metropolitan Police and could see up to 5,000 extremists marching to demand the controversial system.
The procession – dubbed March 4 Shari’ah – will start at the House of Commons, which the group’s website describes as the “very place where the lives of millions of people in the UK are changed and it is from here where unjust wars are launched”. The group then intends to march to 10 Downing Street and “call for the removal of the tyrant Gordon Brown from power”.

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