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Airports knowing no bounds
One can only wonder what the burka brigade will do?
The Tundra Tabloids has been running a series of posts on this story, because it poses not only a major risk to life and limb, but also makes hash of our rights to privacy. The way things are going, nothing will be exempt from big brother’s probing, watchful eye, not even your rectum. The only small redeeming factor here is that the followers of the desert madman will have to undergo the same procedure, which includes the heavily bearded to the burka clad. KGS
Manchester airport is the first to fall victim to the desire to know what you had for breakfast.

Under the guise of ‘passengers do not like the traditional pat down search’, they have installed x-ray scanners which will reveal not only what you had for breakfast, perchance it involved a sodium phosphate laxative, but also a neat outline of your true gender – cue complaints from all those transgendered individuals who happily troll from Canal Street to Ibiza rave-ups via Manchester airport in the latest ‘Top Shop’ haute couture – it will also home in on your ‘Prince Albert’ ring and those expensive breast implants still burning a hole in your credit card.

I can see clearly now – several interesting ‘uman rites’ claims looming at the ECtHR as ‘Doris’ – whose partner already has a claim pending for equality of pension rights, claims an infringement of ‘her’ right to a family life when Tracey left her after the scanning officer said ‘Morning Ma’am! – sorry Sir!

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