Pamela Geller at Atlas has the goods, she’s there at the court building taking notes and promises to have an update as soon as she’s allowed to get to her laptop. The Tundra Tabloids sends its best wishes to Rifqa and hopes the judge’s verdict is a favorable one, in that she will be allowed to stay put in the sunshine state until she reaches the age of 18 in the next few months. KGS

It is indicative of how hardwired for denial the media, Islamic apologists, and politicians are when a little girl, terrified of a certain fate, is forced to return to a life of abuse and terror. We hope it’s denial, as any other motive would be too sinister to contemplate.
There is no question that the penalty for apostasy is death in Islam. There is no question that the Noor mosque is radical and frightfully extreme.
When the mosque warned Rifqa’s father Mohamed that his daughter was a convert (after spying on her), he was told to “straighten her out or else”. He threatened to kill her if “this Jesus is in your heart”.
Today jurisdiction is decided. The question is, why send Rifqa back? The girl is terrified. if Islam were not involved, that in and of itself would be enough. Ohio is not safe. The home is not safe. As apostate Nonie Darwish explained at the Former Muslims United press conference, there is no way Rifqa can be free to love Jesus and practice Christianity in a devout Muslim home. The community in Ohio is not safe for her. Placing her in another foster care home in Ohio for 30 days accomplishes what exactly?
She will turn 18 next year. She is in America. Freedom from religious persecution is our unalienable right. Individual rights is our inalienable right.
Non-muslim countries worldwide understand the threat. It is incomprehensible that America would be behind the curve on individual rights.
The hearing is at 2:30 pm this afternoon. I am in Florida (just hit the tarmac). If I get a seat in the main hearing room, I cannot liveblog. Not to worry. I will take copious notes and transcribe what really happened, as I did here and here and here. The media accounts have not reflected what actually has happened.
They understand the threat in Europe, only too well.
UPDATE: The Florida court ruled that Ohio indeed has jurisdiction over the case, and as soon as the Barry family hands over their immigration papers which they have refused to do thus far, then Rifqa Bary will be transfered to Ohio and remain in foster care until further notice.
Pamela reports that the whole family is here illegally, making this an even more difficult case to follow. It’s no wonder that the parents have been stalling the process and lying repeatedly about everything. So the young woman, Rifqa Bary is still in Florida, but soon to be deported to Ohio. Thanks to Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs for doing all that she has thus far in covering this girl’s situation, and trying to set the record straight.
Shame on FOX news reporter, Phil Keating, for not doing his job in covering the facts. Only he himself knows why he hasn’t been interested in the history behind Islamic honor murders. The man is doing his company and the listening audience a big disservice.
The Tundra Tabloids was asked to transcribe the following interview, but do to the time difference between Finland and Florida, someone else did the work. Great to see others helping out, that’s what makes all of this work.
Pamela Geller interviews an opastate woman from Sri Lanka in the courthouse building:
Pamela: Okay we are going to start, I am in the court room. It is October 13th, Rifqa Bary’s Hearing.
We’ll be deciding jurisdiction – does she stay or does she go. Is it a Reckoning or a Requiem.
I am sitting here with a family – their names will not be disclosed. Their background is Sri Lanka much the way Rifqa Bary’s background is Sri Lanka – the Mum is an apostate. She is a convert from Islam.
Can you tell us a bit about the danger that Rifqa faces?
Sri Lankan Apostate: Yes, she will have real problems. Even if she has to go to the family, Mother and Father. Because it is in their faith, it is written this has to happen when you go away from the Islam, then Kill.
As Prophet Mohammad has told as in the Hadiths and also in the Koran. This is what I learnt also when I was a muslim. That you should kill all the Jews first and then the Christians then other nations if you are not believing in Allah.
So, this was taught when I was a small child. This is like being brainwashed. People they don’t know what is in the Koran, they don’t want to know even because it is simply holy. You are not allowed to see what is inside, and even if you see that, it is in Arabic language, and translation they are not interested. They believe that. They say Koran nobody can translate, so what can we believe? Somehow I got to know the reality. In the Koran it is written that there is light and guidance in the Torah and light and guidance in the E??
Then, it is in the Old Testament and New Testament and even though we are not allowed to read these or see these people who have this book, Islam teaches us always don’t breed with those Kuffars, with unbelievers who are not in Islam, and that they have changed their own books and the Christians and the Jews, they are not like those days that books which God gave and so today Allah gave for us, that is why we are going on like Allah wants, so this is not the real way. When Allah says in the Koran that Torah has lied, Indian has lied, then why don’t I see this.
So, actually after a long time, after a few years, I got to know the Bible and that which were from Moses, his own hand ?? I couldn’t believe it, this way, that God speaks to Prophets, and the Prophets sent a message from God. If you compare the Koran and the Bible, is entirely different ways and means. Allah says in the Koran – kill everybody but Christ says, and Indian, love each and prayer for enemy.
Pamela: So let me ask you a question. You come from Sri Lanka? If she goes back to Sri Lanka with her family becomes they have problems with their legal status – what will it be like for a muslim in Sri Lanka, someone like Rifqa who has converted? Are they a secular society are they understanding of such a conversion?
Sri Lankan Apostate: No. She will die, she will die in her society. Society won’t leave her alone. Even if the family, Mother and Father has a little sympathy, but not society, society is worse because she has gone too far.
Pamela: You mean more pressure from society, more judgement comes down upon the family?
Sri Lankan Apostate: Yes. The society will never leave the family in peace. They have to take a stand for this, because it is the shame. Rifqa has brought a shame for their religion and for their society.
Pamela: So your whole family is here? You are not related to Rifqa?
Sri Lankan Apostate: No.
Pamela: Why did you come to this hearing with your family?
Sri Lankan Apostate: Because when I see the youtube everytime, it is like my situation
Pamela: When you heard Rifqa on youtube, that was on my site, you saw yourself in her?
Sri Lankan Apostate: Yeah, I had really sympathy on her, this is my same situation that is going on with her, eh, that danger in life.
Pamela: Okay, thank you very much.

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