I would send our best man
to handle these ‘moderate’ Taliban
What else can one say about such nonsense? Moderate Taliban? Compared to what? These bureaucrats try to appear like they know what they’re talking about, but the more they open up their mouths and put actual words to their thoughts, the more show themselves to be utter fools on these issues.
There is no such thing as a “moderate” fanatic, they’re earned their title of fanatic by being anything but “moderate”, but yet in spite of this amazingly clear truth, these dizzy government bureaucrats seek to defy reality. Fools.
Finland presently has a couple of hundred solidiers in Afghanistan working under the UN mandate given NATO to help the local population from being over run by the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban. The Finnish contingent has recently come under fire on a couple of occasions, and the politicians here are getting nervous, and some of them want to pull the troops out as soon as possible.

For those of us who follow these issues, we already know that the Taliban practices the full measure of Islam that was formulated by their prophet Mohamed in the 7th century. So by default, if you’re a Taliban, you automatically support the draconian Islamic law system of sharia, which means the full subjugation of women and minorites, the execution of apostates, gays and anyone deemed to have insulted Islam and their prophet. Taliban members by definition, do not pander to “moderate” views.

So Finnish Defence Minister, Jyrki Häkämies, points out, correctly, that the mission in Afghanistan has become muddled, with no clear definition of the aims and goals being adequatly discussed by the coalition partners. So far so good. When you have the president of the United States of America, leader of the largest force in Afghanistan stating that “victory is not the aim”, what can one expect?

But then the defence minister starts to entertain fanciful notions of finding moderates “in the oppostion” to strike a deal with, in order to bring the troops home back to Finland. Like I already stated, he’s not going to find any “moderates” in the ranks of the Taliban, no matter how long and hard he looks, what he’s actually saying, is that “any Taliban that opens up negotiations with the West should be viewed as ‘moderates’ and be engaged with.

What this defense minister won’t say however, is what are they, both the Euros and the US, going to do once NATO withdraws and the Taliban re-invite their soul brothers of Al-Qaida once again to Afghan soil? Hmmm, what then? KGS

Defence Minister Jyri Häkämies says he is not satisfied with the peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan. He says the goals of the operation should be reset in such a way as to allow for withdrawal from the country in the near future.

According to Häkämies, officials are already discussing the matter.

“There is no denying it. The results are not satisfactory. Our policy needs to be reassessed so we can get better results,” he says.

”The goal should be that Afghans take responsibility of their country in the future. Their army should be built up and trained, and the Afghans should take responsibility. Afghanistan will never become a western European country,” he adds.

”We should have more discussions with the moderate opposition. In addition to crisis management, we should launch a political discussion and require that as many groups are represented at the table as possible,” he says.

According to a recent poll by the daily Iltalehti, the majority of Finns say they support the operation in Afghanistan. However they are not prepared to send additional troops to the country.

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