More of those highly educated Islamic terrorists keep popping up!

Remember folks, the official meme is that it’s all due to poverty and deep sense of injustice. These Islamonazis are just freedom fighters who have taken up the cause of setting things right. It’s why the Left has such a hard time in condemining the stealth jihad, they’re deemed as such useful tools in reigning in “corrupt capitalism”, as well as being central to the enforcing of multiculturalist policies on an unwilling populace.

Never mind the fact that Islam is a monoculture ideology that aggressively seeks to dominate all other cultures, it’s enough for the Left to be satisified that Islam is against the same forces that they are. Capitalism, freedom of the individual and governement accountability to the public is something that they both abhore, so it makes them very friendly bed fellows. KGS

NOTE: How much you want to bet that they’ll use the “racial profiling” charge in their defense, and then just sit back to see which Islamic organizations rush to the forefront to take advantage of the situation, and even help to defend these two.

A brilliant young nuclear scientist who was arrested in France last week over alleged links to Al Qaeda had worked for a top-secret British nuclear research centre.

Last night fears were growing that Dr Adlene Hicheur – who was a researcher for the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire for a year – could have been planning a nuclear attack in the UK.

The French government said yesterday that the arrest of Hicheur, 32, and his brother Dr Halim Hicheur, 25, could have averted a terrorist atrocity.

They were seized after an 18-month investigation by French anti-terrorist police hours before Adlene Hicheur was due to travel to the laboratory where he now works at, CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research near Geneva.

Halim Hicheur carries out research at similar high-security scientific institutions around Europe.

The brothers’ council flat was stormed at 6am last Thursday by eight masked officers from the elite Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (CDII), the French equivalent of MI5, and 20 armed riot officers.

With almost no noise, a spearhead unit rushed up the concrete steps leading to the cramped flat in Vienne, South-East France. A battering ram was used to break the lock and the warning ‘Armed police!’ shouted.

Large-calibre machine pistols and other weapons were aimed at those inside the flat, including the brothers’ parents and siblings.

Secret agents had been monitoring the brothers’ movements, and all their phone calls, text messages and emails were being bugged ‘in real time and minute by minute’, according to a security source.

‘It was like we were sitting on their shoulders. We knew exactly what they were saying.’ The source said that Adlene Hicheur had been ‘pinpointing nuclear targets’ but would not be more specific.

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