Bildt: Where the Arab-Israeli is concerned
I choose to side with Hamas!

Regardless of whether Swedish politicians hail from the Left or the pseudo Right, the majority of them really suck. Here’s an excellent example of such a politician who can’t tell his arse from a hole in the ground. KGS

[Ilya: Sweden’s FM Bildt says he supports the Goldstone Report’s claims that war crimes were committed by Israel in its month-long response to eight years of missile bombardment.A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed disappointment over Bildt’s statement, saying his remarks demonstrated a “lack of reading comprehension skills,” since any literate person could see the report was biased. ]

The monumental stupidity
of the Swedish FM Carl Bildt
By Stefan
Sweden, as the present president of the EU, has declared through her FM Bildt that the Goldstone report has significant value and Israel’s and Hamas war crimes must be given serious treatment in the UN.
Effectively Bildt puts EU in a position that supports purely Hamas and ruins any hopes of the PLO to remain in power in the coming PA elections. It is unthinkable that the Swedish FM is ignorant of the following:
Pakistan, following the suggestion of the PLO, withdrew the Goldstone report from further discussions in the UN human rights council. The reason for that was not the animosity between PLO and Hamas. The real reason was the Israeli government stance. Israeli government expressed in very clear terms, that were the Goldstone report conclusions adopted, she will withdraw from the peace process.
The reasons are crystal clear. When Israel takes chances for peace, such as the total withdrawal from the Gaza strip, it becomes a target of massive rocket terrorism against which she is not allowed to protect herself. In such a situation any concessions (risks) for peace cannot be justified.
Abu Mazen and the PLO understood that there is a limit to what Israel can take and preferred to stay in the process. A situation that is by far more useful to the PLO than busting the process.
Hamas, as the party not interested in the peace process, felt blood and started to warm the street claiming that Abu Mazen has betrayed the Palestinians. For some days already Gazans have thrown shoes at a giant Abu Mazen poster, the alleged traitor.
The PLO has thus been forced to move behind the Goldstone report, which, as indicated above, will put an end to the peace process. Just to clarify the issue, the peace process is the only substantial card the PLO has against Hamas in the coming elections.
President Barack already brought the peace process to its knees by making a cardinal mistake. By demanding Israel to totally freeze building even in the existing settlements, Israel became very aware that the so called peace process appears to function only against Israel without any reciprocal actions. Moreover, the Palestinians could naturally not demand anything less than the US. PM Netanyahu had to make some extreme moves to sustain these requirements and to remain in power.
Now FM Bildt has decided to put the EU into a position that will end the peace process and, subsequently, bring Hamas to power also in the West Bank. The initial death blow to the peace process was naturally the grossly biased and one sided Goldstone report. FM Bildt just had to make sure that the effect is a lasting one.
Make no mistake. PLO will not make peace with Israel any more than Hamas will. Occupied territories for both of them contain also the area of Israel proper. So what’s the problem? Well, there is a huge difference. As long as there is something called peace process, it will circumvent flare ups and guarantee some degree of decent life to the Palestinians.
So Mr. Bildt, do you really know what you are doing or is it just too difficult to pass an opportunity to lambast Israel?

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